6 Simple Steps and 6 Dynamic Tools to FREE your MIND and be Your Magnificent Self…


For years now I have been observing myself experiencing my own awakening and integration… the realisation and coming together of All of My Self.  I have written my book, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and created a five week MasterCreator Class (locally and online) to share with others this grand and magical natural happening.

Our awakening and integration is caused by the changes to the electromagnetic force field that each Human being and Earth is a part of; holding our light/consciousness together, for the soul purpose of raising our vibration from one of Fear to Love. Our body, mind and spirit and our whole way of being is being challenged, our old patterns, traditions, beliefs, systems and ways of doing no longer work because they are all based on inequality, not enough and fear.

It’s been quite a few years, experiencing my own physical and mental unease as my old ways, beliefs of unworthiness and fears have come up to be acknowledged, embraced and released… and thankfully left me lighter and in the flow with my Magnificent Divine self. This last year, since the Earth and our Solar system have entered and aligned within the Milky Way/Galactic centre, where a great concentration of stars and photon energy exist, I have began meeting quite a few people who have begun to suffer with mental and physical challenges and stops them from being their Magnificent Self and enjoying a life of freedom.

This is one of the main reasons I wrote my book and created my MasterCreator Class, to share with others what is natural happening to everyone, so they can understand and be able to look at their mental and physical pains differently… in fact to see it as a gift that will transcend them above the Human Game that we all have a chance to leave now.

A Selection of True Awakening Stories

To help create awareness for the natural global awakening…  31 WordPress friends and I have published our own true awakening experience on our blog during February and March 2016.  This was another amazing time reading each others recent experiences on our awakening and integration journey. With the message… take it easy on yourself as you experience your own life challenge and release all your fears and yesterdays.

At the end of this month I will be publishing on behalf of everyone, Part II of our Selection of True Awakening Experiences. It will be another Free E-Book for all to enjoy reading and sharing. Below is Part I of our Awakening Stories we wrote in 2014 for you to download and enjoy reading now.


Free E-Book A Selection of True Awakening Stories Part I

My New Talk Group on the Costa del Sol

Free Your Mind & Pain… Be Your Magnificent Self is a new talk group i’ve been inspired to create in order to share with others, information, tools, relaxation and techniques as an alternative to anti-depressants, sleeping and pain pills, to encourage people to be their Magnificent Self and sail through their challenge at this time.

It’s really not so bad once you understand what is happening.

Trauma begins normally with something happening from outside of yourself, a car accident, illness, an embarrassing situation, loss of a job, loss of money, loss of a partner… and you become involved with ‘the happening’, the drama and it becomes YOU. YOU become the downfall, the injured, the victim… and in order to keep the drama going (as it really keeps you busy) you blame others, yourself or create other self’s to continue the conflict with… to blame, to fight, to feed off. You bring on panic attacks and allow more thoughts in your head to get the better of you.

You may very well hear yourself saying ‘I’m losing my mind!’ … and yes indeed… you are.

You go to the doctor and ask for help… and the doctor tells you that you are thinking your way into problems. The doctor is actually correct… your mind has created this drama… but instead of waiting to be either dismissed with a prescription or referred to a psychiatrist who will more than lightly prescribe anti-depressants… sleeping pills… too.

I feel it is time for everyone to take a look at what is happening to them self and find someone to help them understand the root cause and how to reclaim their sanity.

6 Simple steps to getting your life back on track…

*Realise that your core and natural being is light… love… divine and you are magnificent, powerful and sovereign.

*Choose to be conscious of yourself in all your words and actions.

*Understand that you are responsible for your life, your situation and your condition.

*Understand what is happening at this time on Earth and to all Humankind and that you chose to be here NOW to experience and express your Self in a new and unique way.

*Accept that by your own actions, whether others are involved or not, your ego identity is creating a victim role, in order for you to ascend the Human Game. Are you getting the point?

*Ask someone to be your buddy and help you through this challenging time. It will Pass.

6 Dynamic Tools to get your mind in balance and in alignment with your body, heart and soul…

*Know that the things happening outside of yourself are not you, they are just experiences and you always have a choice about how you experience something.

*Allow yourself time to do nothing, to be quiet and still and consciously be aware of your breathe, allowing your thoughts to be, observe with no judgement and love.

*Allow yourself to spend time in joyful and sensual ways, allowing yourself to be artistic, passionate and creative… If nothing else, imagine something that excites you and focus on this feeling.

*Allow yourself to wake up each morning with a smile and get excited about the wonderful surprise you can expect… no matter what happens.

*If your mind gets too noisy… tell it to Shut Up, your thoughts are not the boss and focus on wonderful feelings and dreams instead. Just say YES to an exciting, adventurous and loving life being YOU your magnificent self.

*Know that your mind, will eventually give up and integrate with your Body Consciousness and be able to tap into the ‘intelligence’ of All.

Sorry not to be blogging so regularly… IAM quite busy preparing for my first local MasterCreator Class in May and my new Talk Group… You will see me bringing over some old blogs from wordpress.com for you to read again here… so please enjoy. IAM also finding time preparing to publish our next Free E-Book for The Selection of True Awakening Experience Part II. Please watch this space.

Love to all my friends and family reading this.

©Barbara Franken, Transformative Mentor
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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