On Mindfulness

A part of human nature is to feel emotions. When they are pleasant it gives an increase in energy, when they are uncomfortable they can put shadow over all other aspects of life. For many years I didn’t know how to cope with this “negative” one or I could rather say my way of coping was to suppress them. I rather kept unspoken anger in my throat in form of cough, cold or hoarse voice than was willing to act on it by voicing it. I learned that taking it out will hurt me even more, that it will make me even more unsafe. So from childhood to adulthood I repeated the same pattern of reacting to anger-suppression. There is also another way-letting it out is some violent, aggressive form. From my observation and experience it doesn’t bring any relief either. Suppression makes you withdrawn and stiff, violance makes you uneasy and even angrier. Emotions occur without control of intelligent mind. They are a body funcion. They come faster than we can think. What are they, what is their function? An emotion is information in your body that something is happening, something that needs to be considered. Either it is pleaseant or unpleasant to your energy system. When it is pleasant we call it “positive” feeling, when it is not we call it “negtive” one and desperately want to get rid of it. But information noticed by your body is precious whatever judgment you put on it. It is so precious that you actually need to look at it, to pay attention to it. In our society and cultur we are educated and trained in many things, but not how to consider and treat our emotions with respect. So HOW is the question? There is the third way of approching a feeling, particularly a “negative” one, by listning to it, by allowing it to give you full information about itself, about it purpose. We just need to create a space to do it in the best, safest and gentles environment. And this space and environment is meditation. LEARN MEDITATION.