New Costa Women group – Costa Blanca South group now establishe

I’m happy to report that the informal meet up aimed at establishing a local Costa Women group on the Costa Blanca on Thursday, 29 January was very successful, with 7 ladies gathering on the sun-drenched terrace of the Casino in Torrevieja. As of now, Costa Women within striking distance of Torrevieja have somewhere they can meet up for networking, inspiration, or just good old fashioned socialising.


It’s always a bit nerve wracking when you’re trying to get something new going, and it’s even worse when you have never met the people involved, so I have to admit to a bad case of nerves of the ‘What If?’ variety on Thursday morning. What if nobody showed? What if they all hated each other on sight? What if the Casino fell down around our ears and I got sued? Stupid, isn’t it?


When I was chatting to Ali after the meet up, she echoed what I believed when my ‘What Ifs?’ thankfully came to nothing  – 7 people at a new meet up is a very promising start. People have other commitments, the timing may not be right, or they may be naturally cautious  about meeting up with new people for the first time. There were also a couple of apologies, so we feel we have the nucleus for a successful group. Thursday’s attendees came from Torrevieja, Guardamar and Algorfa, so we decided to use the Casino as our regular base.


It’s easy to find in a central location, there’s plenty of parking nearby and regular bus services – Trish had no trouble getting in from Guardamar on the bus.  The food is very reasonably priced if people want to eat, and, considering the setting, the drinks are also cheap. It’s also a beautiful building, looking over the Marina, so you couldn’t really find a more inspiring place if you tried.


So, what sort of women go to Costa Women meet ups? All kinds, even in a relatively small gathering of 7!


Glenys from Algorfa is a Press Officer for the Samaritans in Spain, and she also belongs to the Red Hats Ladies Lunch group, who meet up once a month and wear red or purple, as long as they’re over 50. Growing old disgracefully and loving it! She’s also a member of business networking group Women of Fire.


Nicola is a life coach and counsellor from Torrevieja, and the founder of Women Supporting Women, a group which meets each week on the Costa Blanca to discuss their life experiences and generally equip themselves to cope with everything life throws their way. She finds time to write every day, and is currently in negotiations with a publisher to publish her first book.


Trish from Guardamar teaches English as a Foreign Language, but only works on short term contracts. That means she can travel when she isn’t teaching. She’s just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, and is heading for Cuba in the spring.


Former attorney Inka, also from Torrevieja, is a writer, blogger, novelist and nomad who speaks 5 languages and has lived all over the place. She describes herself as a ‘Citizen of the World.’


After a successful career in business, Eileen from Algorfa moved to Spain for some ‘Me Time.’ She’s learning Spanish, learning to paint, and getting into blogging. We say ‘Go for it, Eileen!’


Then there’s me! After being medically retired and moving to Spain for a better quality of life, I find myself with a second career as a freelance writer and blogger. I specialise in writing about Spain, but I’ll tackle anything that interests and/or challenges me.


So, as you can see, any woman can find a warm welcome in Costa Women. If you’re in comfortable travelling distance of Torrevieja, why not come along to our next meeting? It’s on Wednesday, 25th February at 2.00 pm at The Casino, Torrevieja.


Nicola Farnhill will be talking to the group about what it means to be a life coach, and her work in Spain, and we’ll be making plans for future meetings. These will be held on the last Wednesday of each month. Costa Women Costa Blanca South is up and running and ready to party!


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  1. julie fitzgerald

    Hi there Costa ladies.  My name is Jules and I am hoping to buy a property in the Torrevieja area.  I wonder if any of you would be able to offer me some accommodation in your home, obviously I will pay lol, when I come over to view properties?  It would help me to be able to chat about ladies living in spain the advantages and disadvantages, especially as I am single so need to have a network of friends who can support me and the big step I hope to take.  Please contact me if you think you can help.  my private email is
    Looking forward to meeting you all


  2. nicola jane farnhill

    Hi ladies, would be great to see you both at the group, am sure you would love it!...

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