On Mindfulness

I carry with me a picture, a concept of reality and I behave accordingly to this concept. But what if this concept is untrue, inadequate or out dated? My behaviour instead of helping me may hurt me. The reality, the environment is in constant change. I would like it to be solid and stable, but it is playing a trick on me and is changing without consulting me. With my old habits. reactions and ways I simply collide with the flow of life, because it does not fit my old, static concept. So if I want to follow the life as it is unfolding I should pay attention to what is happening in the here and now, and stop expecting that life will adjust to my picture of it. I simply need to accomodate to life. How? I need to allow myself to see it as it is without trying to change or correct, or judge it. I can do it gently and slowly, withour pushing myself. I start with 10, 15 minutes every day. I sit and feel the reality as it is. I MEDITATE.