On Mindfulness

You do your mindfulness with your body, like you do walking and dancing or swimming or even watching. Mindfulness is a body-mind activity with the stress on the body. It is misunderstanding that mindfulness meditation is some kind of intellectual activity, (it is non-intellectual one). It seems to be that because when we look at meditating people they usually sit motionless and with closed eyes. It is an inner activity. You simply are very busy with observing what is going on inside you, namely in your body. Instead of thinking about whatever your mind wants you to think about you actually feel what is going on inside you. At first it is a little like learning a new language. If someone talks to you in that unknown language you lose interest because you don’t understand it and you get bored, irritated or amused. When you start learning the language and understanding it everything changes. Your body is talking to you with a language that is non-verbal. You already understand some of the words like for example headache or knee pain… But these few signals are nothing comparing to the true richness of expressions that a human body has. There are trillions of cells communicating constantly within your body. Aren’t you interested in it at all? After all it is your own body and nobody ( not even the medical tests) can tell you more about yourself than you can. So while meditating you simply listen to that physical language of your body. You don’t think about it, you feel it. You recognize a sensation here, an impulse there, the coldness in one place or tightness at another and you allow it to be there just for a moment without engaging your mind to advice or comment.  You sit there, you feel it and you listen and wait for what happens. The body has bad reputation, we are not interested in it at all, we treat it as an enemy that has to be conquered and tamed. The truth is your body is the only sure thing that you possess, that you actually own and have, all the rest is an interpretation; so maybe it is time to start paying attention, listening and allowing it to say what it had been trying to say to you for years. By doing it you can be really surprised by finding solutions to a long unsolved problems, finding answers to the questions that your intelligent mind wasn’t able to answer for many years. Nobody can do it for you. Only you can connect to your inner you-to your body. And meditation is a way to do that. LEARN MEDITATION

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  1. Izabela L-Sletner

    Thanks Fiona, it is nice to be read. Hugs, Happy New Year and see you then.
    (If you have time or curiosity to learn more read the previous blog On Meditation. I just don't know which title is better)  

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