Productive Summer Months

The past few weeks have been busy and productive.  A company called organsied a virtual concert for me on Miami Beach to promote my music, as the world seems to be crazy about virtual reality nowadays I took advantage of this opportunity as I am not a virtual lover myself, nor a fan of computer games.  My fan base went up from 17 fans to 112 in just that one day on reverbnation so the initiative worked well.  My music base seems to be more popular in the States and so it was nice to deal with international messages.

I also joined F-Jam online music collaboration studio´s which works as a promotional and productive site for all music related people, and founded by an American guy, Fred, he is currently working on adding lead guitar and harmonies on my song “I Love You”.

In these weeks I also finally managed to meet up with Costa Women members Christine Heckel and Sam Aplin.  I was able to witness first hand the techniques and sounds made and used with her Tibetan Bowls, the sounds were amazing and now I understand why her sound therapy sessions are so popular.  We also rehearsed the part she will play featuring in my next music video for my song “Inspiration”, which we will shoot some time next year.  Sam still continues to produce very high quality pieces of art and many her pieces will also be featuring in the music video, which again will be filmed next year.  As the song is about inspiration, the professions of these two ladies fits in well.

Furthermore I am getting ready to go to England in a temporary promotional campaign to organise a string of gigs, concerts and performances to plug my music, whilst playing between here and there in order to get the best of both worlds. 

The link to my reverbnation page to listen to my 5 tracks is…