Thoughts Become Things

The wonderful thing about being human beings is we never give up trying, despite the economic and personal challenges many people are going through, we can all get together and greet each other with smiles and laughter. I get the feeling that more people are really beginning to thrive again rather than just surviving, it is very refreshing to see.

But do we take the smiles and laughter home with us? Does that energy stay with us once we get in our car and drive home or when we close the front door behind us?  What goes on in our minds, do we stay positive and happy? It is a state of mind; we can choose from one minute to the next which direction our thoughts will go in, ‘as we think so we are’.

We are amazing creatures, our presence has graced the earth for at least 3 ½ million years, and yet up to 500 years ago we thought the world was flat! Only 100 years ago we still didn’t think we could get off the ground and fly- which still begs the question what timeless truths are we still missing?

I think I know one of them and I think you do to without ever realizing the magnitude of our oversight. Have you heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it’?  Do you think it’s true, have you given it any consideration or thought to just how it might be true?

My thought is there’s a power that turns wishes into reality, the principal being ‘thoughts become things’, not some things but everything, not just positive things but everything. It’s an immutable law as rigid and predictable as gravity. Like throwing a ball in the air it has to come down, no matter who throws the ball as it leaves their finger tips the Universe and its principals take over.

And that’s exactly the same with your thoughts – so choose them wisely. Thoughts become things, whether you’re just day dreaming or deliberating visualizing, thinking good thoughts or worrying on your way home from work.

Understand and recognize this principal because then you can begin using it deliberately, turning your wishes into reality and living the life of your dreams. Because whatever it is that you most desire truly lays only a thought away!

Have a Happy Thoughtful Day!

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With Love

Joy Fahey

Motivational and Happiness Coach, NLP Practioner and Artist