Ready for a holiday ☀FOR☀ your business?

Working for yourself is rewarding, exciting and .. exhausting.

Sometimes we just need a holiday – time to relax, disconnect, get away from the daily routine.

Because when we do that our minds quieten down, we’re able to see things from a different perspective, we drop from the head into our heart and soul, and our creativity comes back to the surface.
If you’re anything like me you’ve got ideas pouring in left, right and center when you’re away for a few days.

The thing is, when you’re on holiday all you can do is write down those ideas and make plans for when you’re back home. We all know how that ends ..

 What if you had the time and space to flesh out those ideas (or older ones you never got around to acting on), to take steps immediately to bring them to life?
 What if you had the coaching & strategy and tech support you need to get over what might stop you?
 What if you had like-minded people to brain storm and collaborate with to expand those ideas into something even more amazing?
 What if you could do that in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, with a glass of wine and some yummy seafood? (pics taken next door to home, on my phone without filters or editing)

Well, thats exactly what Im planning for next year – the Passion Business Retreat <3 (a huge THANK YOU to the amazing Jenny Schmal who helped me expand my initial idea and by saying, “I’m in!” turned it into a real thing <3and to the lovely Mira who in a wonderfully serendipitous way pointed me to the name for it)

If that sounds like something you’d love to know more about leave a comment or get in touch and I’ll keep you in the loop as things evolve.