SOAP Y YO….Facing our Fear….We Got a New Life.

In 2003 we packed our bags and headed for Spain.  WHY?  you might say.  Here´s my story.

For 10 years, we run a successful chauffeur business back in the UK and sadly when 911 hit, it affected our clients in many ways.  Most of our business was based in London and with Arab countries.  The work just dried up, chauffeurs were not required and companies were using cheaper options for travel.  So it was time to decide how we were going to cope with a large 3 bed semi, mortgage and top of the range cars to pay for, a very worrying time especially with two little ones growing up.  We were watching the TV one evening when the kids were tucked up in bed and up popped an advertisement “looking for families to re-locate?”  both me and Barrie looked at each other and going through our minds at the same time was “what have we got to loose”.  So the following day we put together a video…so funny, could not stop laughing and trying to get a 4 and 5 year old to sit still for long enough was not easy.  Off we sent the video and we waited.

A few months or so went by and we got a phone call – “hi we are from the BBC and received your video, how would you like to be part of our new programme? GET A NEW LIFE”

Oh I was lost for words, of course I would love to be part of it.  So it started, they turned up on the doorstep one morning and filmed us for the next 6 weeks organising our life around making such a big change.  How was I going to tell my MUM, she was my main concern, losing my dad 3 years earlier and then going through breast cancer, I really did not know how she was going to react.  At the time my focus was on my family and giving us the opportunity to gain so much by moving to a different county.  We were struggling and when you are faced with the thought of losing your home and everything around you, you take action.   As much as I loved my MUM, I knew over time she would understand I know she did not like me for a while, who could blame her, her baby was moving thousands of miles away and taking her grandchildren.  I tried to make it a little easier by saying that after a month we may decide to come back.    We said our emotional farewells to friends and family, got on that plane and have not looked back.  Yes it has not been easy, lots of ups and downs, I certainly  would not change anything.  We have two bilingual children who were put into a foreign school where they did not speak the language, they did not know anyone, what was we thinking.  Thankfully they are amazingly great and gained so so much and are part of our community, how proud are we.  It felt so good to say that were were staying in Spain, even then myself and Barrie knew it was the right move for us and for the children.

MUM and of course Barrie´s MUM and DAD visited regularly so do other family and friends.  Sadly in 2013 my MUM passed over losing her fight against Lung Cancer.  Deep down I know that she is now by my DAD´s side they were meant to be together in the end.  My two beautiful Angels up above.    They shine their light down daily guiding us in all we do.

2008 was when I became attuned to Reiki, my Master at the time Julie Lomas told me that I may not stay with Reiki, it will take me on a journey of discovery.   That discovery was finding MYSELF.   Today, I am now a Reiki Master and love how it has taught me so many things in life and how to appreciate what is around me.  I am truly thankful for every day and the journey that I am being taken on.

2010 became the year that I knew my children were growing and I could do something for myself, they were not so reliant on me, of course I am still the taxi service and everything a mum is about.  So I started to focus my attention on making my own soaps and skincare, sourcing natural ingredients and essential oils, always keen to learn and making mistakes along the way, oh what fun it was.  I firstly made them for friends and family.  I think they were taken aback as my creative skills were flowing, not really being into art, I love all things creative and this is where it all falls into place.   How time flies, today, I am still making and creating and still loving every minute, my passion is skin and I am confident that using my range of products your skin will benefit.  In November 2014 we launched our website I had great fun putting it together, planning pages and getting the pictures right, a brilliant experience,  enjoy visiting.

I would like to thank all my clients from my heart who use my skincare range and who have faith in me and what I do.  I would not be where I am today without YOU.

 OUR skin is PRECIOUS take care of it…..x

If you are faced with a tough decision in life and an opportunity arises.  Take it….Go for it…..What have you got to lose……Face your fear…..You never know what´s around the corner…..Feel It Inside….The Universe will guide YOU.

I hope my little blog gives you some inspiration to turn your life around.

Thank you for reading my BLOG xx

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


4 thoughts on “SOAP Y YO….Facing our Fear….We Got a New Life.”

  1. Thank you Jill what an inspiration, just what I needed to start me off on my path back home especially looking out at the horrible wether in UK today ...raining!!! x

  2. Nishma Acharya

    Hola Jill, We met on the beach yesterday at Pedregalejo , it was really great to talk to you & my son enjoy chatting with Barrie. Thank you for introducing me to Costa Women. Listening to you & reading your blog has been inspiring. I look forward to meeting again. Regards Nishma X

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