I’m just another Mum living on the Costa Blanca trying to support our community by raising awareness of another mum’s plight.

You see, a British family moved to Spain and their dream has been crushed by a turn of events, as their son Nigel has been diagnosed with DIPG, an aggressive type of brain cancer. A mum is now fighting for fundraising awareness, as the treatment he can have is minimum, due to the nature of the cancer. However there is pioneering treatment available.privately, at a cost.

I don’t want this post to be about a request for your money, but an appeal to look into your hearts and consider if this was happening to your child, what would you be doing. I am making the request on behalf of Nigel and his mum. Nigel is a 10 year old boy attending the local village Spanish school and very popular with others. The family have grasped Spain with both hands and are active in the local community, but they need Nigel’s cause to be told far and wide in hope they can get Nigel the specialized treatment he deserves. All children deserve a long life expectancy. So, with all that being said, please donate, even the value of a cup of coffee. Please follow Nigel on his Facebook page but most of all, please share this story.

I would like to thank everyone for reading and for Costa Women for allowing me this platform to speak about young Nigel.