Success in Spain becomes Beyond Mañana

Hello lovely Costa Women,

I was shown so much support and encouragement here earlier this year, when I launched my plans for a new book about ‘Success in Spain’.  Clearly the need to tell the real expat story struck a chord, amongst other people who didn’t recognise the horrible negativity portrayed in the UK press, about the dreams gone sour and everyone losing their shirts and heading home broke.

But the story will never be told, because people are coming (and yes going, for various reasons plenty positive and proactive) to and from Spain the whole time.  The political and financial environment changes by the day, and every time I attempted to complete a chapter to my satisfaction something shifted to render it out of date… Just like Spain itself is the forever fluid product of centuries of different influences and cultures, an ever changing melting pot.

I turned out that this was not for this reason a story best suited to the static medium of print!  So, after months of fiddling around with bits of my story and those of other people, I decided the best way to get some of it ‘out there’ into the wild was with a blog, and hence http://beyondmañ was born recently.

I would love to know what you think, and I am also actively looking for ‘success stories’ – success being whatever you make it, however you define it.  If I can help you share your story please drop me a comment.  We are all part of Spain’s success, present and future, and I look forward to hearing from you