The Way You Are Seen Through Another’s Eyes

We often fall in love with a projection, which simply means that we aren’t properly aware of who the other person really is … and what we love is not necessarily who they really are. But we don’t know this and we are in love and our partner most likely is doing exactly the same thing. You can see how this might create a problem.

In one scenario I’m aware that I’m not the ski slope lover my new partner thinks I am, but I really want him/her to love me back, so I try to mold myself into that, and we do frequent ski trips together. Thing is, I ski relatively well, but perhaps I hate the cold. Or perhaps I enjoy the après-ski a lot more than the actual skiing, but by the time après-ski comes around, my partner is quite tired and wants to go to bed. Or – substitute football, opera, gardening, discussing politics until the wee hours of the morning, or any other activity you care to mention for skiing, and since again, I really would like my new partner to admire me, approve of me, like and love me, I allow myself to get settled into that particular strait jacket. In time I will find this too constricting and will rebel against the strait jacket and then important and potentially difficult issues will arise when my partner begins to see the greater reality of who I really am.

In another scenario perhaps my partner views me as funny, the center of any party, or perhaps he/she sees me as a veritable Doric column of justice and rectitude or a pillar of strength. We don’t know why he/she sees me that way, as said, it’s often a projection, but since I am being seen that way, and I may not even be aware of it, important and difficult issues will arise when my partner’s rosy-colored glasses fall and he/she sees me for who I truly am.

The point of this preamble is to encourage you to see that much as we want others to like or love us, there is great danger in not being true to ourselves in the way we present ourselves. And of course this means that in the first scenario I be as open as possible about my lack of fire for skiing or football or opera, and that in the second scenario – recognizing at least on the basis of this brief post, that it is vital to be as aware as possible at all times in my relationships – I now go about them in a much more conscious way than before in order to prevent – as much as possible – blind actions and reactions such as those described from happening, or at least, catching them as soon as possible, and then nipping them in the bud by discussing what is going on.

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