Good morning gorgeous, 

Today is the first official winter day and although the last days have been more than stormy, today at last as it could not be otherwise, it recovers the balance, there is calm and the sun shines.


The same as the last times for me, especially this year 2016 that now ends, has been much more than stormy, a period many changes, broken dreams and broken heart, bad health, lost and dismissed people very special to me, but above all Of hard learning, of fighting against circumstances and with myself to overcome the obstacles, (myself the greatest of them) my pain, my fears, uncertainty and somehow recover my passion for life and faith in myself. It has not been easy, nothing that is worth it is usually, although this time it has been a great challenge at all levels and certainly I have not achieved it alone, you know that I firmly believe that together we are better. 


And WOW the response was immediate and surprisingly in some cases of those who least expected it and even some who unknowingly inspired me. 

On this trip I have been accompanied by some people who have suffered and laughed with me, who have stretched out my hand in different ways, to help me up when I was down, feeling defeated and overcome by circumstances, but above all they believed in me when I had lost the faith on myself 

I could write a list with the names of those heroines and heroes who have been part of my Superteam some even without being aware of it, but that would not be fair with those who have also worried about me, who would have wanted from the heart to help in somehow but did not know how to do it. 

That is why I have something very important to tell you today:


And so from this team work, this great opportunity arose to reinvent myself and rebuild my life, that was how Sweet Mar Bakery evolved and as a Butterfly does was reconverted into Sweet Mar Beauty & Wellbeing. Because after all, I still being, Sweet Mar in my essence, my honesty my tenacity and my passion, but more mature, more brave, less afraid to show vulnerability and ask for the help that I was always offering to others who needed me. Everything is still “made with love”

Here I am no matter the physical distance thanks to the technology I am just a click away from you, do not forget it.

 One of those people from my Superteam gave me the opportunity to meet the SICHI team led by PhD Pilar Mateo and her philosophy, I sincerely felt that it was the piece that I needed to fix all the pieces of myself and you will understand why.

SHICHI  is a brand born from the hand of  PILAR MATEO that is presented to the beauty market as a movement based on breaking the mold of the conventional. The brand combines high quality products with the attitude, sensitivity and emotions of a healthy living philosophy, a world open to wellness.

Vitality, enthusiasm, optimism and passion are the main values that characterize SHICHI.

 SHICHI has created a wide range of Health & Beauty products (cosmetics and nutricosmetics), high quality Smart Devices and appropriate formulas for men and women of different ages, under the seal of PhD Pilar Mateo.

The choice of the Japanese language to express the number “7” in the name of SHICHI is not a coincidence.

The worship of personal care is a widespread aspect in the lives of both men and women around the world since ancient history.

As its name suggests, SHICHI is a world open to beauty, personal care and wellbeing, regardless of ethnicity and age.

SHICHI is for all women and men who give special attention to personal care, and who want to feel good about themselves.

The characters that illustrate SHICHI reflect the new trend that emerges of the brand.

The author is the international reference illustrator Eva Armisén, whose work visually moves perfectly optimism, vitality, enthusiasm and passion that characterises SHICHI.

The number seven has been regarded by the popular culture as a magic one, the “perfect number” or “the nature number”.


Probably, its symbology was obtained from the sky, where the seven classic planets form a whole: the septenary. The Sun, the Moon and the visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

 The vast majority of seven-element symbols in the world derive from this celestial model of the seven spheres.

  On the other hand, the number 7 is present in the week composed by seven days and in the lunar phases that last seven days each and, through which, the month arises. In addition, seven are the colors that make up the rainbow and other elements of nature.

 Frequently associated with the pursuit of intellectual and spiritual development as well as the quest for one’s self and the ability to achieve goals through effort and passion.

 Moreover, in japan, the concept of physical and mental wellbeing, beauty and how to achieve is one that originates from the country’s cultural traditions.

The choice of the Japanese language to express the number “7” in the name of SHICHI is no accident.

 In Japan, the concept of physical and mental wellbeing, the beauty and the way to get it has an age-old tradition, the cult of personal care being a generalized aspect in men and women from the past. An example of this is the image of the gheisas, entertainment professionals of traditional Japanese culture who for centuries have been characterized by an exhaustive care of aesthetics, based on very demanding beauty rituals. In Japan there is an improvement in the quality of the body itself, not in specific areas, constantly seeking the general wellbeing and satisfaction of possessing beautiful skin.  
The importance of aesthetics in Japanese culture begins at very early ages and as age increases, it increases the feeling that it is imperative to use cosmetics to maintain a beautiful appearance, but also increases the pleasure of taking care of the skin. In addition, the world of Japanese beauty is also characterized by the use of new technologies with a high degree of research and natural elements to compose new cosmetic formulas of high quality that respond to the needs of a very demanding public. All these values ​​are closely related to the characteristics of SHICHI. For all this I am convinced that SICHI and Sweet Mar Beauty & Wellbeing together are the perfect match and form an unstoppable tandem.


I invite you to pop in the online shop so that you know a little better our products and choose the one that fits you the best or tell me what you need and I will advise you delighted, you know that you are very important to me. 

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Love and kisses