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I am putting together a database of talented and creative people, as I have an exciting new project in the pipeline, so anyone who this may apply to, please send me an email to


Furthermore I am looking for people who have had personal experiences with dreams or nightmares as I am also in the process of creating a new project for the not so far future.  Many times we dream about things we want so much, things we wish to achieve, and we dream about seeing ourselves achieving those dreams; some believe that they only experience these because it is what they want most, others believe the dreams could be like a premonition, and those dreams will come true.

There are other dreams however, some rather surreal and bizarre dreams which, run from beginning to end like the pages of a book or a short trailer of a movie, where often the dreamer does not understand their purpose or meaning, dreams that leave the dreamer feeling curious where they tend to linger over those dreams for some time to come, vivid dreams that are remembered from beginning to end…if anyone falls into this category then I would like to hear from you, just email me at the above email address with a few details about how this affects you.  Whilst many wise people will say it does not do well to dwell on dreams, it is possible to vividly recall but without dwelling as such…everything happens for a reason usually, and sometimes indirect messages in dreams can be hailed as warnings or messages of good will or advice…get in touch with me if any of the above applies. x