When’s the best time to plant a tree?

A friend of mine has organised an event called “who will you be in 5 years time?”  

Sadly its not in Spain, however this got me thinking about the 100s of possibilities for the journey as well as the arrival (a goal without a plan is just a wish).  

What would Costa Women or my business look like?  What about you? Maybe you would have moved up the corporate ladder, or taken an idea and turned it into a successful business, or perhaps you will have sold your business and have moved on to your next project?  What would your relationship status be?  Perhaps you will have married, or finally ended a destructive relationship and be free to move on with your life?  Would you have children, grand children?  Where will you be living?  How will you be dressed, look and behave?  Will you have finally cracked the healthy campaign and be enjoying more energy, better sleep patterns and carrying less weight about (both physical and emotional)?  

As we get older 5 years can come and go in a flash so I plan on giving this some head room over the next few weeks.

Oh and when’s the best time to plant a tree?  10 years ago… when’s the next time NOW!  Off to plant my tree!