The Aspire 2016 M.A.D. Global Leadership Programme

I will be attending The Aspire 2016 M.A.D. Global Leadership Programme in London 25-27/1 !! 

see details at

I’m attending this as a M.A.D. (Make A Difference) woman starting a new project (my current contract ends in 2017)  and looking forward to Connect, Inspire, Support, Enable women  …

… sounds familiar? … ..  Thanks Ali for inspiring us!!  

1 thought on “The Aspire 2016 M.A.D. Global Leadership Programme”

  1. How exciting Olivia!  I will ask Catherine Shovlin to look out for you - she has been given an Aspire Scholarship to attend.
    Find out more about her projects here:- 
    New book available now on kindle. Increase your potential with Your True Colors
    Contribute here to our Syrian Refugee Camp project
    Walking through walls with creativity Artmongers, ideas The Thinking Tank,​ community Bold Vision and storytelling​
    Look forward to reading your post when you get back!  
    Thank you for the lovely comment - Ali x

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