The charm of Mijas!

Nature between the sea and the mountains, do you know Mijas?
We have written a small list of 10 things you can see or do in Mijas. Do you know this beautiful town on the Costa del Sol?
1. DONKEY TAXI RIDE: Did you ever have riding on a donkey? You can rent a taxi donkey for a walk through the streets of Mijas.
In the early 60s, the tourists visiting Mijas asked to field workers returning to their homes by donkey, to be photographed or take a walk with them. The tips they left the tourists were higher than the wages of workers in the field, this resulted in arising a new trade.
2. VISIT THE MIJAS WINE MUSEUM: Perfect pairings with the wines of the province of Malaga always accompanied by the best meats and tapas. If you love wine and fine dining, just come and enjoy!
3. VISIT THE BULL RING: It was built on a rock around the year 1900. It has oval shape and its facade looks like a typical house of Mijas.
4. VIEWPOINT “Virgen de la Peña” : Come to the Mirador de la Peña, located in the gardens of the Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña and contemplate the beautiful landscape. Badge with precious telescope overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
5. HERMITAGE OF “Virgen de la Peña”: Upon arrival to Mijas discover the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña, patron saint of Mijas, located in the Paseo El compás. It was excavated in the rock about 1548 by mercedarian friars. Tradition has it that the Virgin Mary appeared within the walls of the ancient castle to some shepherds back in the year 1586, staying hidden during the eight centuries following, period covering the Muslim domain.
6. STRENGTH OF MIJAS: Its name comes from the ancient wall that protected Mijas. It was intended to protect the population against attack by enemies. The fort was built by the Arabs, and was part of a set with watchtowers and its castle.
7. ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM: Located in the House that once was the Town Hall of Mijas. White walls and balconies adorned with flowers, environment and Andalusian architecture that are well worth a visit.
Inside you can see a sample of utensils once used in Mijas (utensils from fishing, farming, boilers…)
8. BEACH CREEK: Located along the creek Cala del Moral in the center of the promenade of Cala de Mijas.
9.CALLE “Los Caños” Walking around Mijas is a real pleasure. Los Caños is a beautiful street in Mijas, full of restaurants and shops, want to buy a souvenir?
10. Restaurante Peccati di Gola: After all the way between whitewashed corners, patios, gardens, chapels and monuments, we propose you the best activity of all. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine!
In Peccati di Gola restaurant you will regain strength and taste the best Italian dishes, without leaving the Costa del Sol.