Feeling and looking great in glasses

I remember kids in the playground being awful to those that wore glasses, calling them all kind of mean names and making their lives hell. I was delighted to learn (when a friends’ kid got glasses a few years’ ago) that this has all now changed and they couldn’t wait to go to school with their new Disney glasses and show them off. 

Glasses are now viewed as an accessory and a part of someone’s identity and there are styles and shapes to suit everyone. However, with so much choice it can be hard to know what is best for you. Here are a few tips from the experts at Specsavers Opticas, to help you choose. Once you’ve got the perfect pair, head on over to their Facebook and enter their competition and you could win 500€ just for showing you look great in glasses on Facebook  or online. These are the pair of glasses I chose to enter 

Consider your face shape

Different style glasses will suit different face shapes, so make sure you know your face shape before you shop and choose your styles accordingly. Here’s a rundown of face shapes and the best styles for each:

Oval – Oval faces are evenly proportioned and softly rounded. If you have an oval shaped face you can be adventurous as this shaped face suits almost all frame shapes. You could try some modern geometric styles


Rectangle – A rectangular face is defined by high cheekbones and a deep forehead. If you have a rectangular face shape you should consider a wide frame with a strong top line. Avoid small square shapes and try a frame style with all-over colour


Round – A round face is fairly short with a wide forehead, full cheeks and a round chin. If you have a round shaped face you should consider angular or geometric styles as they draw attention to the top half of the face. You should avoid oval or round shaped frames


Square – A square face shape is defined by a broad, deep forehead, a wide jaw and a square chin. For this face shape consider oval frames as they soften the jaw line. Avoid angular frames as these will emphasise the angular facial features.


Take into account your colouring

There are so many colours and materials to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. By choosing colours that match your hair colour and skin type, you can find the glasses which complement you perfectly.

Dark brown – Try metal frames in antique silver or gold colours, as well as softer browns. Avoid pastels or very dark colours and heavy styles.

Black – Try any of the metallic frames, especially simple shapes and colours. Avoid bright colours unless you want to make a strong impact.

Light brown – Try lightweight styles in bronze and other warm-coloured metals. Avoid dark, heavy styles, cold colours and light-coloured metals.

Blonde – Try lightweight styles with delicate colour effects. Experiment with colours that add warmth to your skin tone. Avoid dark, heavy styles, cold colours such as blues and greens, and light-coloured metals. If you blush easily, avoid pinks and amber.

Auburn – Try to reflect the warmth of your natural colouring with reddish brown, gold, copper or tortoiseshell colours. Greens and browns will match the colour of your eyes. Avoid cold colours, unless you want to make an impact with strong, bold contrast.

Dark grey – Try lighter coloured metal or plastic frames.  Avoid heavy dark frames.

Light grey – Try a rich deep colour and pewter or metal styles.


Express your style through your glasses

Glasses don’t have to be boring, you can choose a day and night style, or a colourful and a more conservative option.

Think of your glasses as an extension of your wardrobe and an accessory to dress your face! This way you will complement your fashion sense with your glasses choice and set off your look perfectly.

Tell the world you look great in glasses by entering the Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition before 5th July. As long as you’re over 16, you can enter via Facebook and online at en.specsavers.es/loveglasses by submitting a recent colour photo wearing glasses. The person crowned the overall Spectacle Wearer of the Year will win €500 and a pair of designer frames. There will also be a semi-finalist from each age category who will each win a pair of designer frames worth 159 €. Good luck, and wear those glasses with pride!