The Entrepreneurs Wound. Have You Got It ?

The entrepreneurs wound often comes from a place of pain or a strong desire to be immersed in something the individual feels so passionate about they just keep going until they get there. Whatever the reason, their journey shows determination to succeed against the odds.

As a fan and follower of the expert women listed below, their success stories  inspired me to “do better do more” when I first started out, so I decided to ask what made them do it?

 Kathleen Gage:  It was in 1994 when I fully realized working a corporate job was not what I was destined to do. I found limitations and restrictions to my creative spirit.   I could have kept on the way I was, but the more I tried to “fit it” the more difficult it became to show up with passion and enthusiasm.

It was not an easy road simply because I made the decision to start my business. There was a lot to learn including what it meant to run my own business, being fully accountable for my choices and having the willingness to do all that I needed to do to grow my business.   Looking back, what I would have done sooner is asked for help and hired a successful mentor.

Kathleen Gage helps entrepreneurs make money online. She is a marketing strategist and business consultant who works with consciously aware entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. 


Karon Thackston: I had been dissatisfied with my job for a long while. Office politics finally got the better of me because I am a straight shooter not a game player. With just a tiny bit of knowledge about websites and the Internet, I decided to start looking into starting my own company.  I had several ideas, but – after thinking through a lot of “what ifs” – I decided to start a copywriting agency.

As someone with the natural characteristics of an entrepreneur, I love what I do!  It is a lot of work, but it’s work I really get a kick out of.  Helping small and medium-sized businesses turn their websites around through conversion-oriented copy and content that ranks well with the search engines is a big thrill. As time went on, we branched out and now also offer training as well as consulting services.  It just keeps getting better!

Lynne Terry: Let me first say, I had no way of knowing how my life would ultimately turn out. I couldn’t even envision then, what it is today. My initial goals were met a long time ago, and so I continue to make the choice to move forward and improve my life.

I remember the day that first light bulb went off in my head, though. I was a young woman in my early twenties. I was married at the time and we had a combined family with four children between us. We struggled financially.

My husband and I both did our best to keep the low-paying jobs we had, but those came and went. We did our best. And honestly, I just thought “this is the life I was dealt.” I never really thought outside of what was “my norm” at the time. And then one day, while working at my job, my boss shared *her* story with me.

It was quite uncharacteristic. She was usually all business and very professional. But for some reason, that day, she was feeling chatty. I always thought she was an interesting character. She drove a Lexus, wore expensive clothes, was married to a wealthy entrepreneur, worked from home at her own business (where she employed me), but there was something interesting about her.

She was very down to earth, and sometimes quirky. I’d see her with jeans and a tee shirt under her fur coat, for example. You could just tell that she wasn’t raised a “silver spoon girl” despite current appearances.

When she told me her story, everything about her finally made sense. She talked about being homeless, and hopeless, and told me the chain of events that completely turned her life around.

It was that day, and that conversation, that made me realize that *anything* could happen. It took more time yet before I really grasped the concept that I could make anything happen. But that was the pivotal moment. The day my mind became open to ideas, options, and possibilities.

It was a couple of years later before I “ditched my life” and went for a big dream. All that time I was working, but I kept going over ideas one after the other. Finally it hit me. Things were just not working out. We were barely making it. My life wasn’t anything worth “saving” anyway. So I asked “What do we have to lose?” And the answer was… “Nothing.”

I went over the Worst Case Scenario in detail. And the worst thing I could come up with was that we’d both have to get another job. Low paying jobs like ours were easy enough to replace, lol. And of course, there was the possibility that the Best Case Scenario would come true!

My husband thought it was nuts, but he supported me anyway. I sold everything we owned at a local auction house for a whopping $600. I’m talking furniture, clothes, the kids’ toys, dishes, you name it. I quit my job, and we started a hopeless business (hopeless to anyone looking on, shaking their head at me, lol).

That business did six figures in it’s first full year. I was determined to prove I could do it. Especially after everyone thinking I had totally lost my mind.  I have often thought back over the years and wondered if Mrs N. ever knew just how much she inspired me.

That was the day I stopped settling for “the life I was dealt” and started realizing that anything could happen to anyone – at any time. And as time went on, and I gained more experience, I realized it wasn’t at all about fate or luck… but that even a small town girl with no college education could take an idea – and go big with it!

I’ve been on a roll ever since. Trading that $6/hour job for a 6-figure income took a serious leap of faith, a lot of long hours, and tons of persistence. I have no regrets, of course. It was all worth it!


You will notice Kathleen, Karon, and Lynne all had to do one thing to make it happen. They had to make a decision to take action. Without action nothing will happen and nothing can change.

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