The #YouEconomy

Our world is a world of invention, changing trends, wars and wealth and poverty. 

I believe that how you choose to live this wonderful gift of life is up to you.

Now I’ll just give a quick warning here to the delicate, there’s a 4 letter word in this article.

To quote Emerson; “this is the age of self-reliance.” And Network Marketing brings that out of you. We belong to the #YouEconomy
But a lot of people out there don’t really understand the profession. And yes, I said profession because I think it is as challenging as any career and due attention must be paid to training and continued personal development.

The network marketing industry (Direct Sales, MLM, call it what you will), is forging ahead, giving the possibility of doing something you can actually say you LOVE.
But the negative side that a lot of people see in Network Marketing is a “get rich quick” scheme or a pyramid scheme and people will be very quick to cry ‘scam’.

They fail to see that Network Marketing is a structure that provides coaching. It is not a secret to success, but a system to success.  The very basis of Network Marketing is the system of duplication and this is something that the most successful Network Marketing professionals excel at.

What’s the secret to the success of your Network Marketing business?
WORK – Pure and simple and for a lot of people that’s a four letter word!! 
They don’t want to work. And that’s fine but don’t let this influence your work ethic and your desire for a fun, flexible and thriving business, a business that you can build to the level you want – not what the traditional workplace demands from you.  Again, I have a feeling that this is where most people stumble.  Treating your Network Marketing business as a hobby and not a business. Which is fine if you want a hobby and to make friends – it works really well to build your social network and leads into all sorts of adventures.

We all know, deep down, that there is no such thing as job security but people get roped in to the ‘day in day out’ lifestyle without considering a plan B.
Yesterday I told a woman that Network Marketing was a little like temping – you get to try out running your business, for a generally small amount of investment (the time investment is the heavy cost).  This was the A-ha moment for her; she wants her own business and is aware that you must plan a future that can give her financial security, as well as an ongoing build-able business. But since she has no hands-on business experience this is a perfect way to explore her options.

I believe this is where Network Marketing scores!

Now is the time for the #YouEconomy, this industry isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself asking “is this it?” maybe it’s time to change your perspective, put your preconceptions aside, and decide if this could be a fit for you.  It could be, but you never know unless you dig deeper.

Do you have the courage to set aside the judgement until you see ALL the facts? At least then you can say confidently, no thank you or YES! You betcha!

If you are interested in learning more about, or just  have a sounding board for a business you are considering, message me now or comment below.