Triple A Press Release

Dear Triple A Members and Friends,

As you are aware, in 2016 legal proceedings were initiated against some members of the Triple A Association.

Despite this, and with great determination, we have not stopped working and helping the animals for a single day. We have welcomed and cared for all the animals that both Seprona and Marbella’s Department of Health have placed at our facilities, there have been many over these years.

The interpretation by the press of the Court Order gives the impression that the conclusion is negative, but this is very far from the truth. What began as something exaggerated and magnified out of all proportion and supported by a malicious campaign in the media, supposedly orchestrated intentionally years before as if we were terrorists, now begins to lose strength and credibility: In the COURT ORDER (note it is not a JUDGEMENT because there has been no trial, so is provisional and not yet final) which is being spread and referred to in the press, some of the alleged crimes initially investigated have been dismissed. Furthermore, most of the people initially under investigation are no longer so, because the case against them has also been dismissed. This is very positive and, indeed, a breakthrough for both the association and our colleagues, as well as for the animals we protect every day.

The unjust campaign of harassment, slander and public contempt to which Triple A has been subjected, based on half-truths and alleged facts, must be proven in the course of a judicial proceeding. This will not prevent us from continuing to work for the well-being of our best friends, the animals. We will continue to fight through social media and our daily work to show society that the authors of this dishonourable campaign, who are acting out of self-interest, are wrong. Likewise, we will do our utmost to prove to the Court that the facts are not true and the persons investigated are innocent.

We do not want to be drawn into the malicious game of slander on social media, rather we would just declare that we have faith and belief in Justice and we assert our Fundamental Right to the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE. The accusations must be proven, and as long as the contrary is not proven, we maintain our innocence and feel as innocent as we did on the very first day the investigation began.

We understand the outrage of those who do not know the reality of the facts, those who do not know our work, in short, those who do not know the Triple A Association. Even more so, we understand the indignation of those who do know us, as that indignation is ours.

For this reason, we request the support and trust of those who really know us and the work carried out by the employees and volunteers of the Triple A family in Marbella for the last 28 years.