Welcome Home?!






New Year – definitely – welcome 2018!

New man – definitely – met dog walking; shared a cabin on a ship in Norway for 16 days; a motorhome rocketing along from Middle England to Southern Spain for 6; living together for 6 weeks now…

New Blog – definitely!  What is a blog?  NO real idea but here I go – attempting to blog – so yes, that’s new too.

New Life – ah well now here’s the thing – not exactly.  More my old life back.  Can I do that? Have my old life back…  Do I want to? Really?  Maybe this blog thing will help me sort that out…

You see, I came to Mijas in 1987.  Newly engaged (although a fairly mature bride to be).  The result of one of those late night chats (not the engagement.  Mijas)

“I don’t think I can live in the UK – when we get married shall we live somehwere else?”  He said that.  I quickly agreed.

We’d spent 10 weeks together, over 10 months, when he asked me to marry him.  Desperately romantic.  Capri.  We spent our first real time together 4 months later.  We’d managed to see each other twice since the ring arrived.  Flew to Southern Spain.  Arrived at the Mijas hotel in a torrential, tropical storm.  February 1987.  My words to my Mother were “Well, if I’m back without the ring at least it will have been fun!” (you should see a pattern here – I’m a snatched moments type of gal).

2 months later we were back.  Ring still in palce.  Fabulous tan.  Down payment on the house paid.  Construction started 2 months later.

In the December we were married.  Moved into our home in Mijas in July 1988.  Lived happily ever after for 16 years.

Then the illness.

Then the decision to move back to the UK.  2 children in tow, and the dog.  Our happy home, our wonderful friends – family by now and my invaluable support network – left behind.

Then the shocking terminal diagnosis.

Then the death.

Then the decision to stay in the UK.  Keep the children stable.  Help from family.  Wonderful old friends from my former UK life stepped back in and made life bearable again.

The beginning of a dream.  A hope.  A plan.  To one day come back and find my life in Mijas.

So here I am.  13 years have gone by.

Not exactly my old life.  The children have grown.  2017 I became an ’empty nester’.  But my home still stands.  It’s been poopulated by many a holiday maker but I’ll slowly reclaim it.

I’m caught in a discovery of what my life used to be.  Who I used to be.  Driven by curiosity as to what form and shape I’ll take.  Supported by my old friends who’ve remained my family for the long UK years and who’ve helped keep my hope alive.  Already welcoming me back, drawing me home.  A brave and noble man, newly discovered, holding my hand, ready and ahppy to share my old/new space.

And now a blog.

Ready for this voyage of (re)discovery?  I’ll keep writing…


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  1. Sylvie de Hoop-Waxman

    Wow! Tears. I have a feeling so many of us have similar life stories. Best of the best Karen! ♥

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