What is a Google+ Hangout On Air?

You may have heard talk recently of a new “video interview” trend, we are calling Handbags and Shoes.

(it’s a long story how we got that title so you will just have to watch all the videos from the beginning!)

The technology to create these live, recordable, video chats was launched by the teams at Google and YouTube back in November 2012, but it’s only in the last 5 months that they have become more user friendly and reached the boundaries of us “social media curtain-twitchers” (me and Ali)

Never afraid to take on a challenge, or rather too nosy to miss out, on 18th February 2014 Ali and I trialed the idea of a Costa Women Google+ Hangout On Air, before looking for willing volunteers. 

The first few, as you will see, are a little on the home-made style as we get to grips with the technology, but now we are rocking it BIG TIME 🙂

“Handbags and Shoes” are a perfect medium to share information about yourself and your aspirations in a friendly way, for all to see. We try to keep them short, around 15 minutes, but as you will see we can get carried away! They are broadcast live on Google+ and also saved on YouTube for later viewing.

If you would like to take part on a one-to-one basis or as group topic, please get in touch with me via email: fiona@fionacatchpowle.com

The full back-catalgoue of Handbags can viewed on my Youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEptizcnqsjykytEKLm-Bw (please click subscribe to get updates when new Hangouts are posted)

If you would like to know a little more in general about Google+ Hangouts On Air and how to get set-up for the broadcast check out the blog on my website


2 thoughts on “What is a Google+ Hangout On Air?”

  1. Daniela Moreno

    Thank you Fiona,
    for considering me but talking in public or an interview are hard for me because of my spoken English not being so good and my stage fright  

  2. Fiona Catchpowle

    I am sure you would be fine Daniela, but I know it's not for everyone. If you want, we can have a little practice and then decide if you want to have a real go 

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