What is an OBE?

Everything is alive

I was once slowly riding my bike on Marbella’s paseo by the beach in an area frequented by families. I was suddenly caught by the sight of a tiny little girl who couldn’t possibly be over 2 years old as she could barely walk. This little bundle of love had a very excited look on her face, smiling from ear to ear, revealing her happy little teeth, the way children do. She was fiercely tugging at her mother’s arm and pulling her to walk at a surprising speed, her gaze fixed at something that was calling all her being in that direction. From my point of view I could only see a gate to private apartment buildings. As I got closer, as I was myself being pulled by the girl’s look of pure joy, I was overcome with a deep emotion and had to stop the bike, overwhelmed by a realization: I knew what the girl was seeing…

So what is an OBE?

An OBE is an out-of-body experience. The first time I heard that word, ridiculous scenes came to my mind with totally baked hippies tripping on hallucinogenic substances. To say that I found the whole thing preposterous is an understatement and the words OBE or astral projection did not inspire any respect on my part. Except that I heard them from a person that I did respect… and a few weeks later I had my first OBE!

But an OBE is nothing weird, really. You could say it’s like a dream but incredibly more intense and more powerful and just… more. We all dream although we may not remember those dreams. Similarly we all have OBEs when we sleep and don’t remember them either. I certainly have encountered a few people up there who were asleep in the physical world.
So an OBE is a dream where you become lucid, which means that you are aware that you are in a dream. At that point you will have different types of experiences, with very different intensity, and different worlds, depending on how adept you are at maintaining intent. And it’s not easy to do that; and you may become lucid but be ejected out of that lucid dream very quickly, because it is so hard to keep stable in there -to keep that intent stable.
Imagine watching a movie and if you lose full focus for a split second, the screen turns black and you’re not allowed to see any more of the movie. That’s what happens in an OBE if you can’t keep your focus and intent stable. Try watching just a minute of a movie with full focus -no thought on anything else- and you’ll see what I mean. Anybody who has tried meditation understands the difficulty of this.

Intent is a key tool in our life journey -not just in OBEs. It will become clear to you as you have your own experiences. And you will, trust me. If you’re reading this, you will. That’s why you’re here. I will talk about intent in more depth further on.

So you become lucid -aware within the dream- and suddenly everything around is amazing. The texture, the aliveness of it all…. it is mind-blowing! To go through that changes everything. And it’s true what they say, it’s hard to explain with words. But for me, the word that always comes to mind, when trying to convey this, is aliveness. That aliveness slowly made it clear to me and revealed to me what We Are One means. Everything is alive -and connected indeed. That’s what the OBEs have shown me.

And that’s what I knew the little girl was seeing. I knew exactly what she was seeing because I had had that experience just two nights before. There was a garden there and right at the gates there were some plants. The plants were calling her, acknowledging her presence and having a conversation with her. You see, they say that children are still in that state where they can see those things, up until they reach about 5 years or so. Not all children do in the same way though, as I have observed, but they are so much closer to our natural state. It was not long later that I also saw the aliveness of objects, among them toys, and understood (and remembered) how children interact with their surrounding as if it were alive. It’s because it IS!

In a state of OBE you can have all sorts of experiences. They are different for everyone, although there are standard tests that we may go through. You can go through difficult stuff too. All of this has an explanation, but that’s not important right now: what matters is what you go through. In the next post I will tell you what OBEs are for -really. And why I want to tell you about them.
All you need to know right now is that OBEs show you the aliveness of everything:

That aliveness is the truth of All That Is.

🙂 Marina CB – always be brave, be free

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  1. Thank you for helping me to understand OBE's and their significance in our lives .
    I am looking forward to your next post with exited anticipation.
    Big Hug

  2. Thank you Eunice for your feedback, I will keep posting here. I have a few more posts on my blog in Avidasoul

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