What is Happening to Earth and Humankind NOW and Naturally raising our vibration…

The light emanating from the centre of our galaxy continues to accelerate and expand the consciousness of Humankind on Earth and naturally raise our vibration. We are all feeling the pressure as the light energies bombard our physical body and mind with new codes and frequencies, to upgrade and detox Humankind to our most natural and Divine, Crystalline self. We are all dealing with our own unique issues, feeling the fears, worries and pain… but there is good news… from all our experiences; good and bad, we are feeling more and more the presence of consciousness itself; our Divine self observing every move we each make, in non-judgement. Loving us no matter our circumstance and waiting patiently for us to realise… we are so much more than our Human self. We are at long last recognising our natural state of being as one of love, joy and abundance and that we can each embrace our own fears and pains and rise above the old Human game and never-ending cycle of success and failure. Realising we can simply and most naturally raise our vibration by just being our most Loving, Magnificent and MasterCreator Self.

During the last couple of days I came across a couple of links for you to read from a spiritualand scientific viewpoint about what is happening now.

My recently published first book, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom is a true love story about the coming together of my Divine and Human Selves and realising the love and freedom I truly AM. My book continues to find its way into the hearts that are ready to hear what is naturally happening to Humankind now and to recognise their own part in being the Sovereign and Magnificent Creator each of us truly is.

Now IAM delighted to bring into the public domain my MasterCreator Class that encourages others to act out their own love story in a creative and playful way. Awakening to and Integrating with their Human and Divine selves, committing to their new high vibration of love and joy and celebrating a most Enlightened life, creating as their Magnificent MasterCreator Self.

Enlightenment means to me… To be fully integrated with all your Human selves, your Divine light and IAM presence, living life in expanded consciousness in the physical reality as the DivineHuman MasterCreator each of us truly is.

Friends living along the Costa del Sol can join me and like-minded friends in May, each Tuesday afternoon, for 25 hours of quiet, creative and playful ‘Me-Time’. From this summer the class will be available online where you can join in from your own home and at your own pace. To register please go to my store.

Being Your Magnificent Self

The following excerpt from my book, is a love song I wrote from my Divine Self to my Human Self that describes my love affair that each person can experience if they choose to be aware, surrender and trust the part of themself that loves them dearly… no matter what.

IAM here NOW… waiting 
for open arms, open heart and mind
an invitation to come and dance with you
to feel your rhythm and physical being
to embrace and unite as one…
Receive me now with each breath you breathe
feel my caress, what response do you give
touching each other, absorbing each other
surrendering, allowing…
Giving birth to a new creation of all of me and all of you
the DivineHumanBeing

Being Grateful for being Me, My Magnificent Self ensures I remain in a high vibration of love, joy and abundance and as I look back on my life I can see that no matter my share of ups and downs, it has flowed effortlessly and for this IAM grateful. IAM grateful for my continued curiosity and questioning about myself and exploring unknown territories that give me wonderful adventures and a wider perspective of myself and the world around me. IAM grateful that this has all led me to Awakenfrom my dull and limited Human life and be able to reunite and  Integrate with All of my Self and All of Life. IAM grateful for all of my experiences of despair, pain, seclusion and struggle that has allowed me to know what is important, good and right for me in each moment and how I want to live my life as my authentic MasterCreator self. IAM grateful for being clear about what I want to be and experience in my life. IAM grateful to observe my heart and soul creations being manifested in my physical reality at quite the appropriate time and in the appropriate way. IAM grateful that I can embrace my fears and pains that continue to come up to the surface for recognition before they can transform to new potential. IAM grateful that I trust my Divine consciousness to guide me to experience my NEW potential.

Barbara Franken… MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Being Your Magnificent Self, <a href=

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