How Do You Know If You Don’t Know?

Discovering the Joy of Life

Were you told as a child not to put your hands in the fire, of course you were we all were, we took it as red that it was dangerous and we’d get burnt. However we are taking that knowledge on ‘face value’ having not experienced it for ourselves. What else do we take at face value having not experienced something for ourselves?

Life has a way of ‘knocking’ us into shape which is mainly seen as ‘unfair’ ‘why did that happen to me’, ‘what have I done to deserve xy and z ‘and the tendency is to believe that it ‘xy and z shouldn’t happen. And the belief that it’s unfair, or undeserving etc has been instilled in us from someone else’s experience not our own. But the truth is unless we ‘actually’ experience something for ourselves, how can we possibly know anything? Read More