What on Earth is Going on…



Do I hear you asking… what on Earth is going on? Well now you mention it, Love has won! Yet what you are sensing now is Humanity on a grand scale, experiencing how each person takes back their Sovereign power and freedom and moves themself beyond separation and darkness. Forging a new path, a higher timeline for all to follow, whether in this lifetime or the next and experience Unity, Love and Harmony on Earth.


Whether it’s your own life situation, a loved one or a stranger, you will be sensing how every experience, for better or worse is an opportunity for a person to fully recognise their infinite power of love and how it can change the dynamics of ‘their story and destiny’, because love guides, heals and dissolves, bringing self back into wholeness.


Some people’s actions, maybe even your own, may not seem to be in alignment of owning Sovereign power and freedom, but it is essential you honour all choice. No-one knows another’s story or destiny better than LOVE or GOD himself! It is therefore essential to remain focused on yourself, dare dive deep within and get to know yourself, practice compassion and live a life of joy, shining your Divine light and holding the vision for all Humanity to receive their highest potential and experience happily ever after on Earth.


Remember, not everyone is here to create and experience NewEarth this lifetime, we are many and there are different roles to play and destinations to reach. In this way we must not judge and doubt the action of self or another, as this only fuels separation and darkness and denies Human freewill and Divine destiny. It is for each to love and trust ourself and follow our own guidance, on a new adventure beyond everything known.



For the ones who are choosing to step out of the game and into their true Sovereign Magnificence, I came across this post I originally posted in 2016, copying it below for you to re/read and enjoy listening and relaxing to the inner journey… beyond everything known. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of how to move beyond!


It’s Time to Own Your Magnificent & All Powerful Self


How many times a day do you catch yourself mumbling… ‘how bad I’m feeling’, ‘life is just not on my side’, ‘there seems to be no hope’, ‘all around me is turmoil, how can I live in this’ ‘I hate my job/relationship but it’s my security’, ‘I’m too old’, I’m too ill’… etc etc… AND you find yourself repeating this pattern day after day, oh… you might have an odd good day and are thankful, after all you’re getting older and weaker… as this is how life works, right!


This is indeed how we’ve all been led to believe life works. A world of limitation, struggle and lack as we believe we are victims of life, but how far from the truth this is! Ask yourself who gains from you playing the role of victim. The answer is all people in power, as they feed off the surplus energy and power others don’t claim for themselves. It’s all a game, a Human game of duality, for everyone to experience success and failure and realise what the game is all about, how life can never be won or lost by anyone and each person can choose instead, to own their Magnificent and All Powerful self and rise above their victimhood.


AND the game continues, even when you choose to step out of it…. testing your strength as to whether or not you remain true to your Magnificent and All Powerful self.


As we continue to see the conflict and lack of compromise within our political and religious groups around the world and even within our relationships at home and work… we can feel the emptiness… the struggle… and disease. Everyone searching for answers outside of themselves, but it leads nowhere and all we hear are the repeated questions.


How can I be happy… feel safe, loved, healthy and wealthy…. how can I sleep well… heal my pain and feel joy?


We continue to be distracted with the chaotic mind, addictive pleasures and complex practices and tools to become richer, better and wiser… even spiritual practices. This ongoing search keeps us distracted and away from discovering the most powerful tool right under our nose.


It’s been a long Human experience, we have struggled, suffered and lived the best we can, but we have also learned to love and be compassionate with the ones near us and come together in communities. If we have been curious and open, we have learned through the insights of ascended masters, angels and our loved ones of there being life after this one and if we have followed our inner guidance we have learned not to rely on others; unless we want to conform to their ideas, ways and give away our power.


So what do YOU do now?


Each one of us has to make a conscious choice to live a joyful and loving life and make time to care for ourself, to be and relax in our own presence. Sitting or lying in quiet contemplation, walking in nature or absorbed in some creative enjoyment. When we are joyful our mind becomes quiet and merges into a timeless space, beyond our physical reality and we experience a sense of peace, harmony and overwhelming passion. It is in this timeless and silent space; an energy of pure love that we can re-discover the presence of our Magnificent and All Powerful Divine self. A Divine presence that waits patiently for the busy Human to take their relationship onto a new level and journey as One into the unknown.


A Role of Gift Wrap as a Metaphor for Going Beyond…


The inner grey tube, represents your Human life… your society, mass consciousness, karma and ancestors. It is dull, limited and uninspiring. Your physical reality is full of predictions, prophecies, traditions, beliefs systems, patterns and routines that ensures you continue to swing from the extremes of success and failure. You have adapted to living with limited thoughts, limited imagination and limited ideas.


Your life and physical reality has become your comfort zone, with all its limited probabilities and possibilities, keeping you in the illusion that ‘this is it!’ You don’t consider that there might be a beautiful world, a beautiful gift outside of your perception, your dual reality and everything you know.


You remain fixated in your physical reality because of your collective linear time and space, which up until now has allowed you to experience your 3D consciousness, duality and belief systems. However, everything is changing and with the help of extreme light frequencies that are bombarding Earth and Humankind now, disturbing your magnetics and naturally awakening your consciousness… you are realising there is something more.


If you relax and focus on yourself, you can resonate with something within that encourages you to go beyond, to release all your comforts in the physical reality. To release the tight grip it has on your life and allow your self to go out and explore what is beyond everything you could ever imagine… the magic of the unimaginable unknown.


It has been a tough challenge for us all living in the physical reality that has been very dense. We have all been tightly woven into a fearful, limited and controlled society. We even FEAR the unknown… having been told its EVIL. The incoming light frequencies are naturally clearing the density on Earth and within YOU and ME and giving us all an opportunity to journey beyond what we know.


It’s not about remaining inside or outside our physical reality indefinitely… it’s about allowing our self to be free to choose in each moment where we want to be, what we want to do and how we want to live our life. Afterall we are Multi dimensional beings of love and light who can have fun exploring everything. It’s about allowing our physical reality, to dissolve for a while so that we can have an extraordinary experience.


I’d like to guide you on an inner journey, for you to experience going beyond… beyond the mind, beyond physical reality and all that is known. Allow yourself to listen to my words, listen to the music, listen to the silence and explore the depths of All of yourself. Remember there is no method, no way to experience it, there is only the way you experience everything.


Many thanks to Adamus from the Crimson Circle that first used a role of Gift Wrap as a tool about expanding beyond that I remember well… I hope it helps you too.


To listen to my Inner Journey Beyond please go to my website to play the podcast. Thankyou.



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