After the hospital

After the hospital
Something that comes up again and again is what happens after you leave the hospital! Spain is quite different to the UK in the details.

Hospitals don’t have crutches
You buy them from the pharmacy (approx. 15€). Make sure that someone fits them properly and teaches you how to walk (so you don’t get back ache later). It takes about 20 minutes so you can easily give us a call and Ioanna or I can do it.
The more you use them – the less you need us!

Heavy, hard to wash, can’t swim or drive or . . . . anything really. So if you’re going to need a support or cast for summer it’s worth getting one of these clever ones made so you can take them on and off and swim in them

Wounds, bandages and stitches all need to be cleaned and looked after. Check when and where you’re getting this done. Some Doctors can do home visits.

List of medication
Make sure you know what you’re taking and when – these are big drugs so don’t get them wrong!

Compression socks
Black or white, under or over the knee, these help with blood flow and reduce swelling for any operations. Not sexy but will get you back to sexy a LOT faster! 


is different here to how I was trained, the trick is to ask the right questions and get some support quickly. Just holler if you need us!