When Anger Calls, Do You Answer?

Anger is one of our most primitive emotions.  It always has, it always will be. It can also be a life saver.  When emotions get bottled-up, it puts a tremendous strain on your health, relationships, family, friends, community and business. 


Anger is one way to let the volcano of emotions erupt without immediate negative consequence, as long as you know how to handle it, channel it and finally, transform it. And if you don’t know how, call a buddy, a coach, a mentor or an accountability partner.  The idea is to honor those powerful feelings of Anger, so that such energy can be transformed into something even more powerful that will soothe your soul.  In a positive way, Anger can contribute to a better version of your future self.


I know it is easier said than done, but non-the-less, it is by far a much better emotion than sadness, depression and isolation.  And it helps both, your personal and professional life, not to mention how you reach out for help when you need it and believe me, you will.  It also helps you FEEL BETTER about whatever is going on. 

Letting out a little steam will do wonders for your well-being, which at the end of the day, needs to be your focus of attraction.  Yes, feeling good about yourself, is paramount, and the better you feel….the better you feel.





¨      What’s making you so Angry?

¨      Analyze what is at the root of your feelings.

¨      Was it just one single thing?

¨      Was it an accumulation of many things?

¨      Are you angry at yourself?

¨      Are you angry at others?

¨      Are you angry at everybody?

¨      What can you do to feel better?


Identify one by one, all the causes.  Some may even go back as early as childhood.  In fact, many do.  A sense of abandonment can also cause Anger to flare up. 


Any kind of losses, big and small, will trigger Anger to come to the surface. 


There’s quiet Anger, and then there is straight-forward rage.  The latter can be very dangerous and highly detrimental, to all concerned.


How do you use this powerful energy to your advantage?





¨      Being angry can help you fight back.

¨      The angrier you are, the more feel the outrageous indignation.

¨      Is it worth it?

¨      However, staying angry may not serve your life’s purpose.

¨      If you choose to stay angry, how does that help you?

¨      If not, how can you change it?

¨      Who do know that can help?  (Very important!)

¨      Identify the roots.

¨      Channel the anger.

¨      Transform the energy!

¨      Then, create a plan!  (Yes, even Anger needs a plan to become a better version of itself, so ultimately, it can of effective HELP to YOU!)






¨      Honor your Anger. 

¨      Acknowledge what you are feeling.

¨      On a scale of 1 to 10, identify how angry you are. 

¨      Ask for help when you get close to a 7 or 8.

¨      Get into the mindset, that whatever is going on, it is NOT your fault.

¨      Do not punish yourself.

¨      Do not doubt your self-worth.

¨      Assume responsibility only for your part, and not someone else.

¨      Focus on things that make you feel better.

¨      Create a daily routine where every action leads to a better feeling place.

¨      No matter what happens, you are a loving being and will always be.  Remember that!

¨      Anger sometimes comes with a sense of grief!  Acknowledge it!

¨      This is probably one of the hardest and MOST personal of all:  Forgive yourself.  Not because you have done anything wrong, but because you are angry enough to think that you did!

¨      Identify.

¨      Channelize.

¨      Transform.

¨      And finally, execute your action plan.

¨      But not without:  “Letting Go, and Letting God.”


Be gentle to yourself.  This is a crucial time in your life, when something as powerful as Anger, can work wonders moving forward.  (Siempre Adelante!)