What if changing anything could be easier than anything you’ve ever tried?

What if your life could be better than anything you’ve ever imagined?


What if there was a simple, easy technique

that has the ability to release all the accumulated limiting beliefs, feelings and attitudes

you’ve collected over the years?


There is! It’s called the Bars!

There are 32 Bars of energy that run through and around your head. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. Running energy through the Bars, or “running your Bars,” begins to effortlessly and easily dissipate the electrical charge of polarity that is stored in the brain. Releasing this stuck energy is like deleting old files off your computer.


What are some of the benefits?


“The Bars” is an easy and dynamic life-changing process.

The Bars has assisted thousands of people and they report:

  • an increase in energy
  • better sleep
  • elimination of mind chatter and stress
  • dynamic shifts or elimination of illness or dis-ease
  • improved money situation
  • faster recovery from injuries
  • weight loss
  • more youthful appearance
  • heightened state of awareness of their gifts, talents and abilities
  • a greater intimacy in relationships
  • and an ever expanding life


Receiving “Access Bars” regularly is a gift you give to you.


Unrewarding behaviour patterns, emotional and physical trauma are released every time you have your “Bars Run.” Having your Bars run regularly allows you to receive the benefits for your body and your life in a fast, profound way. You become more present in your life. Your past doesn’t project into and affect your future in the same way, if at all. You continually become more open to receive new and different possibilities. 


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Contact me here on the forum or via email to tania@rainbow-alchemy.com or on 610 991 009 for more information and to get your Bars run.

I am looking forward to connect with you!


Love & Blessings


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  1. I'm a great fan of the Access Bars I've been using their techniques for quite some time and found very positive! Would love to link up with Tania, Good luck with it xx

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