Where Peace Begins

This is not a post about world peace. It’s just about peace between you and whomever you do not have peace with. A friend, a spouse, a child, a parent, a neighbour, a colleague. You may be right or the other person may be right in whatever it is that is causing strife between you two, but as long as there is no focus on the real issue which is peace, nothing will change between the two of you and a lack of peace will continue to reign.
In my article Giving Up the Need to Be Right, I wrote: 
  • “Imagine you are the parent of a teenager who is pushing your buttons. Clearly, you have to
    show your child how wrong he/she is and how right you are; clearly you have to
    show your child – if necessary by anger – that he/she must change because they are wrong and you are right … or do you?
  • What would happen if you let go of the need to be right, and you kept your eye
    instead on the love between the two of you? Keeping your eyes on the love
    instead of on the need to be right will promote the health of the relationship
    much more than proving you are right would, but much more than that, by keeping
    your eye on the love (even if it’s the partially buried love, or the forgotten
    love, or hidden love), you will be showing your child so many things.”
Keeping your eyes on the love (in the case of a person who is close to you, or keeping your eyes on peace in the case of someone who is less close to you, is fundamentally important if you want peace to begin. Your ego (and the other party’s ego) is not what is important, but rather, you could choose to focus on love and/or peace.
And today I ran across an old quote from Mother Teresa that seems so appropriate: Peace begins with a smile.
Are you smiling today?

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