In a Very Strange Place

I’ve been a Costa Women member for nearly a year now without having written a thing. That’s pretty disgraceful for someone who writes for a living. But maybe understandable?

In my defence, anything digital gives me ‘cybertrauma’ (I just went to Preview this post and it vanished. Luckily I copied it first – I know what I’m like!)

So with no tech savvy and no kids either, it seems a little foolish to have just ‘given birth’ to a website. Sorry, all you Mums, if it’s nothing like childbirth at all (but how would I know?) and the analogy seems to fit. My website needs feeding (with posts) and gets me up at 5am (with ideas) and I’m beginning to feel like a nursing mother with post-natal depression. Every time I pass the PC I know it’s there, this new entity in my life, waiting for me to give it some love. Maybe if I turn the computer off it will stop demanding more posts and simply fade into cyberspace …So I’m in a very strange place at the moment. Which brings me to the reason for this post. 

Last year, I moved from funky Fuengirola (which I still occasionally visit) to a very strange place indeed: Los Barrios, near Gibraltar (handy for Marmite). Yep, I knew you’d never heard of it. Two of its claims to fame are a roundabout (pictured) shaped like a birthday cake (with candles) and the ugliest beach in the world (with chimneys). But that’s what makes it special. 

So I wondered, are there any of you Costa Women out there who have ever visited Los Barrios (doubtful) and would like to send me a  sentence or two on your first impressions? With a plug for your business or blog, of course! You can be as insulting/funny as you like! I thought it would make a ‘fun’ post. The baby needs feeding again and, by the way, it’s definitely a girl!

To get you started, you can read some of my own first impressions of Los Barrios here.

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  1. Yes Simone, weird, thanks for taking the trouble to comment!  I've got a small slideshow of other strange monuments in Los Barrios on the home page of my website (under the stork and hat photo)

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