Why Loving Yourself is Essential Now…


Loving yourself, putting yourself first and giving yourself time and attention, to get to know yourself, to know All of yourself; Body, Mind, Spirit & Aspects, goes against everything you and I have been taught and brought up to believe… yet it is the one thing that will open the truth up to you and set you free.


As a society we’ve been told to put others first, to fit in, to be busy, to push ourselves to be the best and establish a good place in life. To accept that others will give us a hard time, will judge us and tell us what they think is best for us, for society… because it’s in our best interest!


AND we fell for it all..


We became lazy and irresponsible and god forbid… if we become assertive and selfish.


Today we can sense, as we walk around muzzled, standing 6 feet apart from friends or sitting around a cafe table or at home isolated, just where our submissive behaviour has brought Humanity.


We the people, not believing we are important, worthy and powerful, became victims and prey to a few greedy and evil people who stand behind worldwide governments and organisations with an agenda to control us all.


We have become afraid and forgotten how to stand up for ourselves, never mind move around in freedom, in love, joy and peace as the Sovereign Divine beings we were all truly born as and experience a most joyous life.


When is enough, enough?



Feeling the stir to go within & LOVE yourself…


Do you not feel a stir within you? An urge to follow through on a feeling, of how something just doesn’t feel right? of how there must be more to yourself and life than what you see?


There has been no time quite like now, when it has become essential to follow your own instincts or intuition; the nudge and communication from your Spirit, your Divine self… urging you to love yourself, to pay attention to you and get to know about yourself.


It is such a loving gesture to give yourself time to be with yourself… simply sitting in silence with yourself or in relationship with others. Doing nothing but breathing, observing and feeling all aspects of yourself and your life without judgement. Exploring and discovering how you feel, what is important to you, what brings you joy, what you love to do and how you love to express yourself.


Yes, it is the opposite of what we’ve all been taught, to rely on others to show us the way and give us the answers. However, haven’t we discovered by now, each is unique and has a different story! What is good for one, is not necessarily good for another and surely nobody can know another’s feelings or know what is best for them.


Do you know yourself well? Do you know what makes you smile, jump for joy and gives you twinkles in your eyes? Do you know what your body craves to eat, what it longs to perform as and how it loves to relax?


Of course indulging yourself in nature and sharing acts of kindness with others helps you to open up to your own Divine flow within, but it’s only when you allow yourself to go one step further and explore the true depths of yourself… you will discover in all ease and grace and in each moment, how to bring in and experience your grandest dream of NewEarth.


I promise you, the more you love and know yourself, you will quite magically know your next move, answers to all your questions and you will trust this whole process of Ascension.



The Bigger Picture…


Yes, there is a bigger picture behind what you see in the physical world, behind the lies and manipulation of our dual reality. You are part of a grand and beautiful tapestry of consciousness that is experiencing itself in all its facets, facing the light and the darkness and coming back into your sovereign oneness.


Team Dark are playing their role and will not release you from the game unless you see the truth and step out. They will continue to confuse and push everyone, they won’t give up and there is nobody coming or anything to save you either!


It’s up to you! Up to each person to touch that sacredness deep within and embody the love, light and All knowingness that will guide you forward through these exciting transformative times. 


I continue to hold the vision of NewEarth, of Humanity shining their true vibrant colours, and bringing themselves, one heart at a time, into a new multi-dimension to experience first hand the embodiment of the Divine.


I remain grateful to many awakened hearts who continue to follow their passion and mission and are bringing in new potentials to make this transformation happen.


How it’s all going to unfold for the majority, depends on many, but rest assure, if you are aware of the bigger picture, have allowed the integration and embodiment of all your yesterdays and your desire and intention is to embody Your Magnificent Self and live a life of celebration… we’ll no doubt meet each other to celebrate in person.


Meanwhile, things are happening in our now physical reality to bridge the gap of this transformation from old dual world to NewEarth… remain the observer, hold your grand dream high, keep yourself well and let’s bring as many people with us through this most magical time… just by loving yourself. 


Remember… knowing the truth allows you to stand up and say no more! To demand your Sovereign Human right to be free and live your life as you desire, for the good of all… knowing in each moment what move to make next.


Back in 2016, I wrote 3 detailed posts about… What is Loving Yourself all about, Part I, Part II, Part III. Enjoy


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