Why should you put your life on ‘hold’? OR The story of the ‘Expat Wife’ journey to achieve her gaols and dreams overseas

What the hell do you want from life? 

Do you feel alone and unfulfilled after becoming an ‘expat wife’?

Did you ‘lose your career’ that you built back home for so many years after the relocation?

Do you wish that you had more financial and time freedom so you could travel and visit your family overseas?

If you’ve answered Yes, You’re not along. 

This is exactly how I felt when I become an expat. 

What the hell do I want from life? 

My answer have always been the same: “Financial and emotional freedom” and it does not meter if I live in the heat of Israel or in the freezing winter of Toronto, Canada. 

Why should I put my life on ‘hold’?

My name is Tal, Tomer’s wife and the mother of Noya (5) and Romy (3). Oh yes, pregnant with my third, coming to you (to me) in August 2015!

It’s been three years since my husband and I decided to leave Israel, our homeland and move to Toronto, Canada so that he could join the family business. I had to quit my job of course, so I did. Sadly.

Starting my life in a new country, pregnant with my second baby, I didn’t look for a job, but I was searching for a new home and roots. It took time but I did it, and what do you know, I even found some new friends along the way. And what about my career? I was concentrating on being a Stay-at-home-mom for my two young kids. A position I didn’t love that much.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my kids and I want to be here for them. I also encouraged my husband with his new career at the family business, but I still wanted to find my own ‘path’.

I wanted to be creative, contributing and earning a good income like I used to. 

I always say, the fact that I left my homeland, does not mean I have to let go of my dreams. Why should I put my life on ‘hold’?

I tried few things in order to get solution to my new situation (finding a job, starting a business for Autobiography books, teaching Hebrew…) but none of these experiences got me closer to fulfil my dreams and gaols. I didn’t find any freedom, emotional or financial…

After two year in Canada, I felt that I’m back to square one. 

The Digital business and lifestyle and how it turned things around for me

Everything changed when I learned about the Digital business.

I understood that by learning some new skills in the online digital field I could actually ‘work my way out’ of my situation with the power of the Internet! From anywhere, any time, in any language.

From the beginning, I treated this as a real business, learning and building its foundations first.

Later I joined forces with the Six Figure Mentor online academy to build these foundations.

You can read more about it HERE. I’m just going to say that it is the best decision I ever made in my new professional life; I got the best mentors in the on-line field, a great and supportive community to share, give and receive advice from, 24/7. I got amazing technical tools, a ‘ready-made’ system and the knowledge. All of these helped me to start.

And since than I have a mission

In the last year, After I found my path and I finally know that I’m in the right direction to achieving my own dreams I now want to help expat women around the world to gain their financial and emotional freedom again by creating their own digital business. It’s a business that can relay on your creativity and passion, it’s a business model that fit to the ‘expat wife’ (and mom) like a glove (working from any where, in any language, on your own terms and schedule).  

It’s not easy to start all over again in a new country: Finding a home, making new friends, raising children and balancing it all with your own needs and wants.

But I’m asking you: Why should you put your life on ‘hold’?


I’m here to help you with everything I know, and to put you on the track towards your success.

Love and see you on the next post