On Mindfulness

Our mind has enormous authority. We take it very seriously and treat it with respect. We believe what it tells us; and it loves talking, commenting, assessing, comparing and telling stories. It controls us. We are scared of not listenting to it. We are convinced that it has a solution and answer to all and everything. We have been brought up and educated to admire and obey the intelligent, thinking mind.

Nevertheless it is only a part of a very complex being-the human being. There are areas and fields of human life where the thinking mind is not required; where it is better not to listen to it, where it should be ignored. We know it and would like to be able not to pay attention to it. The only problem is that habit of following the mind constantly is difficult to change. The best, gentlest way of changing this habit and using the intelligent mind when we really need it, is by learning meditation.