With all good Intentions

D-Day is fast approaching, that is the day when, my will power needs to be at its strongest, and I have to put my good intentions to the test.

La Rosilla Food Blog Many will have already started their new regime, their ‘New Year, New You’ campaign, well mine’s looming…Why so late late I hear many of you cry ?  Well here in Spain the festivities go on well into January, with the long awaited arrival of the 3 Kings, so larders, and fridges are all moaning with goodies.

So as I chomp my way through, shortbread, scones, every type of cheese imaginable, boxs of biscuits, crackers, and even the coffee flavoured chocs , and quaff drinks cupboard stores, of the beverages we have to have at festive times !!! Well its no good having temptation lie in your path….
I Know I have to get my mind and body in order.
So out with the old and in with the new…time for fresh vegetables, less carbs, fruit in every form, early nights, positive thinking, more exercise,new hobbies, new ventures ,gosh I’m feeling exhausted already.
healthy regime
Changing your mind thoughts and vocabulary is often one of the most effective ways of succeeding, So I promise not to mention the word DIET, and I promise not to say, I’ll be good All week, and then BAD at the week-end.  I’ll promise not to long for that TGIF feeling, I promise that I’ll keep a food diary, and thought pad, to jot down all my minds moments….

Well I promise to TRY 😉 and its useless starting before Monday, so just a few more days of indulgence, well it is raining and cold, and my Mum & Dad have just returned home, so I need cheering up, and what better way then to have a little comfort food.

Enjoy your Sunday x
Love Lynsey from La Rosilla