Women Wellness Guide – Stress

Women from all over the world go through the “change of life” some suffer with tremendous symptoms, other women sail through the process and don´t know its happening.


The Change of Life is very difficult for men to understand, although it has been said they also have this around the age of 4-45, of course men also have hormonal changes during thier lifetime.


Women on the otherhand know its coming, but no one really prepares us for what is ahead. A good way to find out more is to follow websites, blogs and listen to videos from women who know about it. What we read or hear may not be relevant to us at the time, but the information is helpful and of course there will be something that will help us or a topic that we can relate to.


The main thing we all need to take into account is that “Stress” plays a large role in hormone imbalance, our hormone balance can change from one moment to another, that is why blood tests are never accurate, saliva tests are more reliable. Stress is the number one dis-ease factor that women suffer with today. Life is difficult with the problems we face such as work issues, illness, disabilities, finances and family issues etc., so we must make time for us personally. Our “me time” is so important. That can be half an hour reading, a walk in the park or sitting on the bed quietly pondering or meditating. We deserve this time to recharge and collect our thoughts. Be sure you have your private alone time and stick to it on a regular bases.