I got this sent by a friend and I think it is great – and true… So I thought I share it.

Us women

I don’t read manual instructions. I press buttons until something works. I don’t need alcohol to be embarrassing. I manage without. If I would be a bird I would know exactly who to shit on. I am not bitchy, I am “emotionally flexible”. The three most wonderful words in the world.? “I go shopping”. I don’t have tics! They are Special Effects! Women have to look like women and not like wallpapered bones! Forgive and forget? I am neither Jesus nor do I have Alzheimer. We women are angels and if you break our wings we will still fly – on a broomstick! We are after all flexible! That’s not flab! That is an erotic surface! When God made men, he promised that the ideal Man is to be found on every corner… and then he made earth round… On my gravestone shall be written: “Take that look off your face, I would rather be laying on the beach” Yes, we women are one of a kind and unique!!!

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