You Were Seven Once!

Way before I became of age, seven years old, that is, I always knew that I wanted to help people. In fact, I wanted to be a Doctor, a Healer, or someone that will make other people’s lives better in any way I could.

My mother thought this was a very strange thing for a child to want. Yes, I was only 6 years old and I already knew what was in my heart to be my truth, and the way I wanted to be when I grew up. It took me more than a little while to get my head wrapped-around this kind of inner knowledge. In fact, perhaps years as I grew into adulthood.

The part I did NOT know was how to execute it. Heck, I did not even know what that meant at the time, other than I had this deep desire to create an action plan and put it to work. Little by little, my leadership inclinations kicked-in and I started to recruit different friends from the neighborhood to get things done, mind you, some were younger, 6 or less, some were older 7 or 8.

I remember my Mom being horrified at the amount of influence I seemed to have over these children. However, I never saw it as “influence” on others. I simply saw it as “collaboration.” I saw it as a job that needed to be done and someone had to do it. So what was the JOB? Bringing kids in the community together to conspire and inspire about what or who did we really want to be when we grew up, and in many instances, helping each other achieve some of our dreams! It used to drive our parents nuts. Then, a more defined job started to evolve, which was that of helping others help themselves.

All of the sudden, it was no longer a JOB, it was a PASSION and the importance of having a “dream” became monumental. We actually used to “dream” out-loud.

We were kids, we had no idea what we would turn out to be; however, we all had a very clear view about our deep desires of being in the service of others as we would be in the service of our own destiny. The thought of it alone was exciting, it was also overwhelming. Remember, we were only 7 years old.

There was no denying how our leadership abilities were beginning to manifest and take shape. We understood our individual roles, and more importantly, we understood each other’s roles. We learned how to delegate, we knew how to ask to get something done, and we learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration, as without it, not much can get accomplished. And let’s face it, there’s super strength in numbers!

Those were very happy childhood times. But do not dismay, as what you were then, it is probably an awesome reflection of who you are today.

Now I can tell you with complete certainty that you are here for a reason. This is a subject not open for doubtful thinking. Do not question your existence on this earth. Embrace it, so that you can understand the importance of living your life out-loud.

Make it a point to have a life well-lived and continue joyful on this amazing path called LIFE!

If ever in doubt, remember…. you were 7 once!