Learning to go with God

I thought I would share this story with people who may be on the same journey or thinking about it.  Maybe this will inspire you or you can relate or just simply give you something to think about.


Ok so I would not class myself as a religious person as such.  I was Christened and I remember we would go to Church every Sunday.  At the end all the kids would go to the front to play instruments and sing.  That was my favourite bit, I would run to the front, pick up the little triangle and really enjoy myself. 


After my dad was diagnosed with MND (Motor Neurone Disease), Sunday visits to Church slowed down and eventually stopped.   Unfortunately at the age of 10 my dad passed away – he was just 50 years old with many plans not being able to achieve.  My sister is a big believer of everything happens for a reason and believes that there is a reason for his passing.  I at such a young age was not quite sure how to deal with it or what to think as to why it happened.   It did however, make me realise life is short and to enjoy it.  Which is why after my mum telling me that they had plans when he retired to travel round Spain for winters and spend summers in UK.  When my boyfriend said he wanted me to move to Spain with him I took it as a sign that I should take the plunge and go for it. 


Now there is some background for you I can get back on track.  Although I do no go to Church anymore I do pray every now and then.   In the UK after getting through a bad depression I read the secret to try and help me focus on being happy with life again.  It really inspired me to try and be positive and grateful.  I still felt like something was missing, I wasn´t quite getting something right.   Then I saw a programme on Sunday worship and the guy in the Church was so upbeat and I felt like he was so positive and inspiring.  However, I was still missing the bigger picture.


A few months back I woke up so abruptly with the name Lucas in my head, followed by another Spanish word but I can´t remember that word.  It stuck in my head so sharply that I knew I had to figure out what it meant.   The next day I put it in Google to see what would come up – all that it showed was bible passages in Spanish referring to Lucas (Luke in English – I guess since I´m living in Spain is why it came to me in Spanish).


That´s when I realised I needed to get back to my spirituality.  I started to pray every night and thanking God for things, telling him about my day (I didn´t really know what I should pray about).  I also asked for guidance because I wasn’t really sure what I am supposed to do or where to go from there. 


Then I was watching snapchat (a mobile app where you can follow friends and celebrities).  One person I follow kept showing this book called Believing God so I though hmmm maybe that´s another sign.  So I downloaded it to my Kindle and I started reading straight away.   It was so thought provoking and it really helped me.  I was feeling less stressed and it helped me to feel grateful and just really appreciate my life.  I haven´t finished reading it yet but another book came to me called Power of a Positive Woman so I have ordered that and can´t wait to read that. 


I can´t explain it but I just feel like everything is falling in to place for me, things seem more clearer, I feel better about myself, everything just seems like it´s going in the right direction.  And things keep popping into my head about signs I missed that I needed this.  Like when my mum came to visit and we went to old town and she put a coin in the Church where it makes a candle light up.  We wished to have a really great day together and we did, even got a discount on our meal. 


Also a picture I have hung on the wall kept going wonky and I kept putting it straight and the next day it would be wonky again.  Then I remembered my sister went to see a psychic who said that my dad was watching over us and he would move a picture in our house so we would know he was there.  I guess that was another sign I kept missing!


So now I start on my journey to go with God and learn to get back in touch with my spirituality.  I know not everyone believes but for those who do I thought my story may inspire you or give people something to think about.


I would love to hear from others who have had similar experiences or your thoughts. 


I will let you know what my book is like (Power of a positive woman) once I get it and read it.   After all this website is full of positive women!! 🙂   

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I've just joined Costa Women with a friend. I was very interested to read your story, and was wondering how it's going all these months later?

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