A Dream Come True

Nearly 3 years ago when we moved to southern Spain I would walk past a converted train ticket station in La Cala Del Moral, along the paseo maritímo, where they held monthly art exhibitions and think to myself – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an exhibition there??

I’m excited to say this month, until February the 26th my work is being exhibited and although there are restrictions which right now are preventing dear friends in Spain and the UK from coming to see the work, I’m delighted to have a beautiful place to display my art work to the locals here.

This has been an especially significant achievement for me as I have found transitioning from my home and daughters in the UK very challenging. My first year in Spain was painful as I was filled with grief for what I had left behind, and all my experience as a coach/mentor and self-development teacher could not pull me out of my sadness. I relied heavily on my faith and trusted in the belief that ’this too shall pass’.

Time is a wonderful healer and moving forward meant taking action… learning some Spanish every day so that I could communicate and make jokes with the locals as well as transforming our apartment with colourful art work to make it feel more like home. I also continued to coach and mentor which gave me a wonderful sense of achievement as I helped people change their lives and achieve their goals. However, the most significant goal I achieved for myself was the constant turning up and working on my paintings.

My husband Pablo is a guitar maker and teaches guitar making courses in his workshop in La Cala and I am fortunate to be able to share that space with him. I visualised myself showing my work in the local gallery and applied in October, not expecting for anything to happen for a year!! And it’s happened!!

I hope you enjoy the virtual YouTube video which gives you a little tour round the exhibition, and I really hope that restrictions will allow more people to come during this month. Please let me know which of the paintings you liked best…



I love hearing which of my images touch people and why.

Blessings, Dovi

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  1. Cynthia Lombardi

    Hola Dovi! I really love your art. I am a watercolor artist and live near you in Rincón. Maybe we can get together sometime?

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