A Message to All Our Children…


Contrary to what you may of learned, YOU are the centre of the universe and can best dive deep and get to KNOW yourself and your heart desires, become your own best friend and LOVE and TRUST yourself like no other.


Be clear in your intentions, in questioning yourself and be open to receive answers from the part of YOU that knows ALL. YOU will begin to sense the magical energy dynamics of how life works, how YOU are consciousness, LOVE itself and interconnected to ALL life.


YOU will realise there is no separation, only unique individual reflections of LOVE experiencing and expressing themselves on a journey. YOU honour each other’s story as your own and through cooperation YOU co-create a most harmonious world.


Just a small message this week I wrote to a graduate student a while back, but it could be a message to all our children that I thought you might love to read. At the moment I’m focusing on creating a new Facebook group, inviting all my Divine Sisters and Brothers to gather together and share our uniqueness as we co-create our heart and soul desire to live in a harmonious and loving world together in unity consciousness. Please feel free to join our New Earth Community and share with us your experiences and passion on your journey towards creating heaven on earth. I posted my first live video, to get to know me… would love your interaction.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken

A paperback and Digital Book is available from all Major online stores… Amazon and Apple

I share my own magical journey, exploring Who I AM with the help of nine Elemental Beings and expand from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. It is in this loving space that I discover my Divine and ALL LOVING self and allow myself to integrate together as one Body Consciousness… a DivineHumanBeing… and Magnificent Master Creator who expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond.



MasterCreator Class Module

You know deep down there is more to physical life as you feel yourself struggling and limited in your work and relationships… You feel a presence within that is all loving and knowing and wants to take you beyond to a life of ease and grace… I know you’ll love my MasterCreatorClass where you can delve deep within and understand it all. More Info: MasterCreator Class ONLINE






All the money raised from my books and classes go to my ‘Creative Art Project’ The Magnificent Consciousness that I bring to our little ones to inspire them to explore, discover and express life and know their part in it ALL.