What does perfectionism have to do with the heart (and your abi

Does the phrase “striving but never arriving” describe how your feel in your biz? 

What this looks like: 

>>You feel you know your shit, you have the knowledge, the brilliance, wicked skills and awesome at what you do, but aren´t really receiving the goodies (read: not only money, but the validation, joy, support, authentic connections and feeling like “I´ve arrived!”). 

>>You hear mind-talk like “I should be doing better, should be farther along by now, OMG I´m going to die with the music still in me!” 

Some sneaky underground mind-f**kery is going on there and I call it a Vow to Be Perfect. Very few people actually consider this “inner” piece important to their success. 

Ninety-eight percent of people aren´t willing to investigate the internal landscape as a factor in their struggles in both business and life in general. It just sounds too “woo woo” or intangible. But the reality is, it´s a huge determinant of what you actually get to do, be and have in either biz or life. 

I believe that 98% don´t really want to go there because let´s face it, it´s unknown territory, it´s a bit scary, and….gawldangit, that´s where the GOLD is! But you have to dig for it…and this is what I really want to help with!

Inner sabotage does hold us back and I say enough is enough.

But I won´t lie. Deep diving into the inner “stuff” to bring about outside change isn´t for everyone…It´s only for the lionhearted.

If you want to find out how perfectionism, or what I call A Vow to Be Perfect, is holding you back, check out the video below. It might just reveal a huge missing piece for you. 

Until next time,

Melissa Joy

What does perfectionism have to do with the heart? from Melissa Bitz on Vimeo.