Age Care…it is more than you think!

My story…so far!

I started with Age Care about 18 months ago, and loved every rewarding moment!  

At the moment I drive my inland clients/guests to see their friends at the Baptist Church on Tuesdays….and this will not stop.  My Thursday Age Care coffee mornings will be in addition to, and not instead of the Tuesday meetings. Everyone is sooooo welcoming and friendly.  Most weeks, if there’s not an invited speaker, there’s a choice of activities like chair pilates, memoires, Spanish, art, as well as dominos, scrabble or cards for those that just want to hang out, and it can all get quite rowdy in a fun way!

This is the eventual level I want to aspire to.  But for now, a coffee meeting with strangers arriving, but leaving as friends will suffice!

Age Care is for one and all.  Your age is not important (nor is there a minimum or maximum age).  Age Care is for like minded people to assist those who require help.

I will be looking for volunteers (contact me for the forms) for, driving and language linguists.  As long as everyone can understand English, that is the main thing.

I would really REALLY like everyone to look around them.  Ask those who are on their own, couples that don’t get out much, whether they are family, friends or neighbours.  Then if the drivers can collect their clients/guests locally to drive them to and from La Trocha, that would be a lovely start!!!  Don’t forget, if you are a carer for your parent/partner and would like a respite, please bring them along on the 19th May 2016.

Onwards and upwards!! I look forward to hearing from you all and/or seeing you all on the 19th May 2016 at the Festival Cafe (next to Burger King) in La Trocha, in Coin.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



2 thoughts on “Age Care…it is more than you think!”

  1. Delia Lambert

    Thank you Ann!

    I hope people will spread the word about our
    Age Care Inland Coffee morning
    on Thursday the 19th May 2016
    at the Festival Café in La Trocha.  
    It would be grand to bring themselves along as well as a guest/client and an open attitude to meeting new people from all walks of life!
    We are always looking for volunteers and guests/clients to join us!
    Come along for a chin wag!  It should be fun!!!

  2. Hello Delia
    Would love you to add the coffee morning under the events tab above and also share in the Coffee Club group and also the area group for the Guadalhorce Valley -
    Ali x

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