Are YOU Ready to live an effortless & limitless life?

MasterCreator Class


Earth and All Humanity stand on the cutting edge of Evolution… an Evolution of Consciousness… as one heart at a time opens and deepens to a new quantum awareness, to realise there is so much more to who YOU are and the physical reality YOU live in.


Whether YOUR mind/body believes this or not, nothing will stop this grand transformation from happening now.


This natural transformation turns everyone/thing upside down and inside out… cleaning up everything that is not aligned/balanced in love, harmony and unity and upgrades your system in preparation for a new quantum and magnificent adventure beyond everything ever known.


Your body/mind, identity, relationships, home, work and the outside world will be no exception to feeling the chaos, dis-ease and destruction of everything built on fear and lack. Eventually YOUR heart/soul will resonate with this truth and be excited to join the greatest celebration of LOVE ever to take place on Earth.


But YOU don’t have to wait that long…


IAM here to help you make sense of it all NOW… and tell you it’s going to be OK… 


It’s not necessary to stay stuck in your Human experience and suffer… instead you can allow yourself to flow through it all with ease and grace and prepare to live an effortless and limitless life as Your Magnificent Self.


It’s a choice YOU can make. How do you CHOOSE to live through these days?


You can choose to allow my own Awakening story to resonate and open your Heart to realise your own truth and embody the Master and Creator you were born to be.


‘A most magical journey exploring Who IAM with nine Elemental Beings I perceive along the way and help me discover and integrate all of myself. My Body, Mind, Spirit/ALL LOVING self and aspects that allows me to step out of a dual world of fear, struggle and limitation and into a world of unity, love, grace and freedom’.


Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom By Barbara FrankenMasterCreator Class Module


AND… Join our MasterCreator Class, a sacred space to commit to and celebrate your new role as MasterCreator, an Energy Pioneer, who explores, discovers and creates New Earth from within. There is nothing more to learn or do… ONLY… remember your origin, how energy dynamics work and allow yourself to unfold in the heart of life.


It is an intense period of 35 days in which to dedicate to yourself.  To dive deep within yourself, expand your awareness through passive/active relaxation and creative activities, clear old programmes and fully realise your heart and soul’s desire. Each day you look deeply at yourself, complete homework and prepare for a weekly group class. A wonderful opportunity for you to step into your power and take the leading role on life’s stage as Your Magnificent Self.

Week 0 Oct 21 – Receive Homework to prepare for the class
Week 1 Oct 28 – Loving & Trusting Yourself
Week 2 Nov 4 – Acceptance & Understanding All of Life
Week 3 Nov 11 – The Voice of All Knowing
Week 4 Nov 18 – Discovering the Unknown
Week 5 Nov 25 – Celebrating your IAM Presence


First Act: The Dance of Love and Trust…  


You remember how essential it is to LOVE yourself First and spend quality Quiet Me-Time sinking into the depths of yourself, getting to know All parts of You… Body, Mind, Spirit and Aspects. You become your own best friend and allow yourself to become conscious of everything… what you like and don’t like, what and who serves you and doesn’t, what keeps you excited and feeling great.


You realise it is your Human Body/Mind’s responsibility to be aware of everything you are and experience and surrender to and trust your Divinity, who is responsible for your integration with all of yourself to take you beyond on a most magical journey.


You realise you can never go back to living in the old ways of duality… relying on others to make you feel good and powerful, although your doubts and judgments try and bring you back into drama, but you know how to smile and be grateful for everything you are and listen careful to yourself. Oh why did I wait so long!


Second Act: Acceptance & Understanding All of Life…


You take a look at the ‘bigger picture’ of your own past/present/future and life outside you that allows you to perceive how energy dynamics flow and create life’s beautiful magical tapestry. You realise how everyone’s equal and unique part in life, is a journey to realisation and to be honoured and respected. This encourages you to open up to all your own darkness and light, welcoming back to the mother ship all your wounded and broken aspects that need to be embraced and be part of the next adventure beyond.


You realise everything is energy and serves you, and move any stuck energy through your Body/Mind… mostly fear that is based on the denial of self and a belief in lack, that is not real or true. This allows your vessel to remain empty to receive new potential and ensure you’re not tempted back to play the game.


Third Act:  The Voice of All Knowing… 


You remember the times you felt alone, lost and helpless and allow your own sovereign loving presence to console you and show you all your answers you may need in each moment. As you resonate with your knowingness, it fills you with much joy that allows you to fully focus on being Grand, Vibrant, Infinite, Divine, Magnificent and All Powerful and able to create… quite magically your heart and soul desires.


You realise how essential it is to be aware of your own inner knowing. Nobody knows how you feel, what you dream of or desire and most of all what brings you the greatest excitement.


Fourth Act: Discovering the Unknown… 

As you dive deeper into the core of YOU…  you recognise a new playfulness and aliveness that allows you to release your deepest fears, feel the deepest joy for you to follow your inner passion and create and experience your grandest dream.


You realise that many people out there will tell you about discovering the unknown… for a high price too, but what you discover ensures your free passage beyond the known and into a space where you experience true freedom.


Fifth Act: Celebrating You… 


As you commit to and celebrate your new role as MasterCreator and the natural transformation happening within you…your NEW feeling of joy and freedom expands in quite a miraculous way, bringing in unimaginable magical potential for you to live the life you were born to live and inspire All Humanity to shine their light too and journey beyond.


You realise that all your Human experience, the good and not so good has prepared you to quantum leap into your new adventure you create in each moment.


Please register your place before October 14th. Thank you
Our Local Class on the Costa del Sol


As a non-profit ‘Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica’ I ask for a small donation of 65 € for the ‘five week’ MasterCreator Class

You can either:
Register and pay 65 € online
Email me at to arrange to meet up and give a cash deposit of 35 € or
Register with Lisa at StudioMindBody and pay a cash deposit of 35 €


For the ones who live outside of the Costa del Sol, you can participate in our Online Class  from the comfort of your home and at your own pace… for a donation of 33 €



The Magnificent Consciousness raises money from my books and classes to help inspire others through creative expression to explore, discover and express the magnificent Consciousness each person truly is and their unique space in the heart of life.


P.S. I would appreciate my friends sharing this blog post and invitation of my next Local MasterCreator Class. Thank you so much.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken

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