Anxiety is not just in your head

If you know someone with Anxiety or you have it please read this. It is important to know that anxiety is not something that is just in your head. It is not simply thought related. Thoughts are part of it or can be but they are not the whole picture. I want to communicate in this information piece that you can get a blood test and find out what is causing your anxiety. You can do that. That is possible.

Your anxiety can be treated more simply than probably you realise. Than perhaps your Doctor or Therapist realises. Read this and let me explain as this information can save a lot of misery.

Anxiety is felt through neurotransmitters, these are chemicals or hormones. The main players are Serotonin, Gaba, Dopamine, Epinephrine. They exist in all of us, they are how we process feelings and emotions and react to tension.

The fight or flight response, the anxiety response, thats Epinephrine pretty much. Some others are involved but for the sake of simplicity lets say its Epinephrine.

Where or how do you think that is made? Maybe you never thought of how Serotonin is made or any of your mood chemicals? This is important information.. 90% are made in your GUT. Not in your head. They are made from amino acids (parts of protein) and Vitamins and Minerals in your stomach and your organs such as the liver.

So, you can take a blood test and see that you are low in Vitamin B6 for example, or Tyrosine or Tryptophan or Magnesium…there is a long list that you can be low in. ANY ONE OF THESE WILL AFFECT HOW YOUR BODY PRODUCES THESE MOOD HORMONES. As it is these minerals or vitamins that the body uses to produce these hormones then if you are lacking in one of them or are having issue in processing one of them then your mood will be affected. It can be the reason for your anxiety or at least a big part of it.

Tyrosine is an amino acid (part of protein) and if you are low in this in your body then chances are you have anxiety. If you are low in it, it will show in your blood test. Thing is, you can take a supplement of Tyrosine and address your lacking. In many instances, this is enough to take away the anxiety symptoms. This is true.

It can be that easy. No drugs needed, no therapy even maybe perhaps. Anxiety is physiological as well as thinking habits or trauma related in many cases. However for you it may only be your body lacking in a nutrient it needs to make that neurochemical. Simple as that.

Did you know that in a blood test you can check your serotonin levels? Well, you can. Its result is not a definitive answer however it gives a good place to start addressing your mood balancing issues.

I advise my anxiety clients to get a full blood test. Especially with females to test hormones in a blood test. Also, it is important to see what is going on with the stomach and liver and kidneys as poor absorption of nutrients will affect mood. So it may be that the focus of treatment has to involve why a persons system, why their organs are not processing nutrients efficiently.

What I am saying here is there are more avenues to treating Anxiety than just medical intervention or talk therapy. More can be done. Sometimes the answer is quick. A blood test will give indications of that and to see if that is in fact possible.

I hope this has enlightened and given hope to someone reading this.

I am a psychologist by education and I understand anxiety. If you have anxiety and wish to talk to me about how my approach can help I would be delighted to help you.…/med…/reports/articles/anxiety-disorders – Maryland University – scroll down the page to CAUSES which explains what I have just explained – explains about the neurotransmitters…/nutritional-psychiatry-you… – Harvard article explaining what I have said in this article – Website   Facebook – Facebook   Clarity Therapy on Twitter  – Twitter