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Question: Why move to Spain? Answer: Paella

Face Up

At the end of a wicked weekend in a tiny town called Alfarnate (bear with me, folks, it´s in deepest, darkest Spain), a 17-year-old chichita from Leicester, UK, kissed me on the cheek, and asked: “You on Facebook, Chrissie?” That was 6 years ago when I dismissed the social network as a youthful invention to …

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Fiona Catchpowle – font of Facebook knowledge

Mixing up your Facebook Page with your Facebook Profile? I was too, until five minutes after meeting #AskCyberGran at her hands-on (and funny!) Facebook Marketing Part 1 training on Friday. Four hours later, Fiona´s small band of Cyber Heroes were just about fluent in `Facebookese´, ready to enter the network with newfound social confidence, and …

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Women for/against Brexit

Two forthright women – Harriet Harman (British MP) and Gisela Stuart (German-born British MP) – discuss the pros and cons of the UK remaining in or leaving the EU. “Women are bloody good at their jobs by the time they´re 60.” – HH “Look at unemployment in Spain…the EU is no paragon.” – GS Woman´s …

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“Zaha built…”

“Zaha built…” were the first words I heard tuning into online radio news Friday morning. WHAT? MY FAVOURITE MODERN ARCHITECT CAN´T HAVE DIED?? I applaud not only the strength and fragility of her brilliant designs, many of which I´ve written about, but also her personal achievements – standing tall as the only successful ethnic woman …

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10 best winter beaches – a black bird’s guide!

The plethora of holiday ads offering tempting summer deals can’t compete with birthdays and New Years topping up my tan in winter sunspots, a ticket to tranquillity… Gunjur Beach, Gunjur, Gambia Djembe drumming at the Pacific’s edge, deserted during my month-long stay with a friend, one week in a 4-star beach hotel then eco-huts, soul …

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What women? Where?

Women feature in only 26% of online news and tweets, according to the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) in its latest analysis of 114 countries. It finds women are LESS visible today as story subjects and reporters than in their 2010 report, with its ongoing aim to extinguish media sexism by 2020. Those who know …

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Positivity and Humanity

Lovely seeing Ali’s smiling face and positive message over the weekend, also letters on humanity just days after my Costa Women blog – two qualities sorely lacking in these troubled times (sorry to sound negative). After working as business development manager at Brixton Online, south London, I founded EaRA (Electric Avenue Residents’ Association) and community …

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Watch this woman

First broadcast in September 2014 and re-run on 20 August 2015, ‘Agafia’ follows a wise, wizened “Old Believer” Agafia Lykov as she completes her daily chores in a remote forested area of Khakassia, Siberia. Cut off from the modern world – she refuses products labelled with barcodes – this hard-working, humble woman speaks truths about …

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‘Brits Abroad’

Monday 20 July sees the start of a 5-part BBC Radio 4 series, ‘Brits Abroad’, looking at EU immigration in Bulgaria, Warsaw, Ibiza, France and Berlin, (14:45 Spanish time). Broadcasts coincide with the launch of ‘SUNTRAPPED’, a juicy, illustrated, 200-page memoir on UK, Spain, Africa and EU immigration. ‘SUNTRAPPED’ by Citrus, Friday 31 July …

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