Awakening & Integration is Brutal & Hard… What is truly happe


I wrote this post back in April 2015… and now it is May 2018 and more and more people are experiencing the affects of the great shift of consciousness naturally changing life as we know it on Earth. The Awakening of Humankind and the Integration or reunion of the Divine and Human selves is stepping up the intensity as Earth cycles higher and higher in cosmic light energies.


Enjoy reading/re-reading this post, because when you understand what is truly happening… you can relax and embrace this great time of transformation.


It is all happening NOW… quiet tranquil days of hot sunshine, feeling peaceful, calm and sleeping a lot. Followed by cold, stormy and wet days, bouncing between extremities, boundaries being crossed, stripped naked of comfort and familiarity, finding no rest or sleep yet lethargic and unable to move. Pounding heads and hearts, painful joints and organs, spinning heads and depressive thoughts, skin irritations, indigestion and imbalance… falling down… and on and on the cycles come and go.


What is truly happening?
Each person in their own unique way is experiencing the great shift of consciousness, naturally CHANGING individual and mass CONSCIOUSNESS with the intention of expanding perceptions for each to sense the bigger picture. Everyone is experiencing an enormous physical detoxification, cleansing low, limited and fearful vibrations from the body/mind AND upgrading or reseting DNA to vibrate with its original high loving and joyful frequency.


This natural physical detox and upgrade can be brutal and harsh at times, rubbing the ego identity and physical body/mind down to its bare essence… but with the conscious breathe you can gracefully embrace your ills and loses. Bless them all and trust these deep changes are sacred and are completely reversing and renewing the body, mind & spirit. (The reunion of the Divine and the Human)


Trusting this great change
When you remain grateful for everything that is happening and trust everything is most perfect and in Divine timing, you expand consciousness. Your greater awareness allows you to become the quiet observer who senses the truth of your pains and fears. You sense how they were never truly yours, you just claimed them as your own based on your beliefs and conditioning from family and society… AND this new insight allows everything that is not aligned with pure love to be released and you can choose to step out of the game and focus on new beginnings. Your new expanded consciousness brings in new energy… new potential to be able to experience your grand dream of living in a harmonious community of love, joy and peace.



What happens when we remain unconscious
People who remain unaware of the happenings around them and focus only on their pain and fear will get swallowed up in the chaos. People who are addicted to drugs/alcohol or may be taking a high dosage of anti-depressants could be numbing their feelings and awareness and be a perfect target for mind-control. A game that power-hungry and evil groups play with. (Observing the Malaysian and German pilots).


Taking Care of Yourself First
Remember it is essential for you to pay great attention to yourself and your environment. Drink enough water, eat lots of veg/fruit and a bit of protein. Chicken Soup is a great comfort too. Dump the excess stodgy carbs and sugar… they are poison to the body. Walk a little if you can or imagine you are walking. Smile just because you made it to a new day. Breathe consciously and deeply each morning and evening for about 10 minutes…. saying I EXIST.. this aligns your Human self with your Divine self. Find a balance between working and relaxing.


When you care for yourself you are acting in compassion and awareness… examples for your children and neighbours to follow suit. Love… Love and Love yourself first and foremost.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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