Ending is a new beginning

When I sat down to write this blog post, I asked Spirit what shall I write about… Within a few minutes, I received a message:

Ending is a new beginning.”

It was a very timely message. I was just going through an end of one chapter of my life. Once again, I had packed all my things to boxes and suitcases and  got ready to embark on my journey to California for June and July. Call it coincidence or Divine timing, but within fifteen minutes, two of my friends reached out to me as they were both facing a challenging situation that involved an ending in one form or another.

“Ending” has been something that I have struggled to accept in the past. After I experienced a loss of loved one, I did not want a new beginning – I wanted my old life back. But even though I found against the fact that every chapter in life comes to an end sometime in this level, I could not change it. Somewhere along the road, I surrendered and learned to accept it. The saying “This, too, shall pass.” has comforted me on the way, it culminates the Buddhist teachings of impermanence.

You surely have experienced endings and new beginnings on your path too and found your way to handle them. Maybe you are going through one of them right now… Just know that you’re not alone! The Light has never left you, but you might just need a little help to see it again. It is good to allow yourself to have time and space to go through the layers of emotions and treat yourself with extra care as much as possible. Once the stirred water calms down, you can see a new dawn in the horizon. There’s a spark of Light that reminds you that there is a purpose for everything.

You can find a deeper meaning for life if you seek, the growing awareness allows you to see your life in a new Light. It might be a time to reconnect with your purpose and redefine a thing or two, and more importantly to say YES to you! The change might be instant or it might take some time, whatever it is just known that you will be fine.

When you reconnect with your purpose, it becomes your guiding star that lightens your path. It gives you a sense of meaning and helps to move on as you know what direction to go. If you need support to reconnect with your purpose, I’m here for you! 

ps. Are you curious to know what helped me to reconnect with my purpose? Click here to find out more. 

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  1. Very true Katja.
    Just like everything happens for a reason, every ending is a new beginning 🙂

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