Best of 2016 at MeMyMagnificentSelf

Before I cross the threshold of a NEW year and welcome in 2017… IAM taking time to look back on what IAM taking with me. There have been so many new insights and wisdom gained from my experiences these last few years and challenges this year and IAM delighted to feel less attached to the Human game and my identity. I have let go of my neediness to possess others/things and seek recognition and approval outside of myself. This year has especially been insightful in allowing myself to honour my own process/timing of Ascension (Awakening, Integration & Enlightenment) and that of others as we each allow our Divinity/Higher Self/Spirit to steer the Human vehicle through the most perfect flow of sensual experience. Giving myself lots of ‘Me-Time’ to delve deep into my core and feel the ENERGIES of ALL existence and embrace them with no judgement or doubt. As I embrace I feel them melt into my wholeness and I expand further.


Looking back through my blog posts this year I find my focus has been on how important it is for me to feel safe, loved and fearless from within… no matter what is happening around in the world. Writing is my Human way of understanding my feelings, recording my journey for myself and sharing my experiences as inspiration for others. I know very well that each person is unique and has their own journey to explore, discover and find their own questions and answers… but I know its also nice to be inspired once in a while, by others who allow themselves to flow through life and celebrate the true COMPASSIONATE nature we all indeed are.


I have the intention to celebrate 2017 with ALL that IAM, to enjoy the simple and precious Human sensations, to focus on and share the true meaning of COMPASSION and allow my Divine self to guide me to Tom’s and my NEW home…


I wish all my friends and family a MAGICAL NEW YEAR… It’s the year YOU get to CREATE… woo-hoo… bring it on… Fondest Love Barbara x


Please enjoy the best of my 2016.




9 Magnificent ways to expand your Consciousness and see the bigger picture

‘We are all unique and we will all get it when we allow ourselves to be open, curious and question our self and our life. I know my journey will inspire others to perceive and imagine their grandest vision being their most Magnificent MasterCreator Self.’




A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

‘I say welcome to your Awakening, a time when your soul or Divine self is taking over the responsibility of looking after you and wants nothing more than to lead you away from the Human Game of success and failure and into the land of freedom, love and abundance.’




What is Happening to Earth and Humankind now and naturally raising our vibration?

‘IAM grateful for all of my experiences of despair, pain, seclusion and struggle that has allowed me to know what is important, good and right for me in each moment and how I want to live my life as my authentic MasterCreator self.’




6 Simple Steps and 6 Dynamic Tools to Free your Mind and be Your Magnificent Self

‘One of the main reasons I wrote my book and created my MasterCreator Class, was to share with others what is natural happening to everyone, so they can understand and are able to look at their mental and physical pains differently… in fact to see it as a gift that will transcend them above the Human Game that we all have a chance to leave now.’




An inspiring Selection of True Awakening Experiences

‘This time, our writings focus far less on fear and pain and more on choosing to create the experience of love and joy. AND like a contagious disease we are infecting more and more people living around us. Just by sharing our story.’ 2 FREE E-Books are in this post to download and be inspired from over 30 true Awakening and Integration Experiences.




In the midst of TURMOIL… Are YOU Ready to be the CREATOR of your life?

‘Somehow, like myself, you have to allow your own life story, to bring you in touch with the LOVE you truly are at your core being…’



‘Do you maybe remember hearing the echo of the words ‘Life is NOT all about you… you know?’ I remember it well and it didn’t come from one person’s mouth but from many.’




What is Loving Yourself All About… Part III?

‘Part of Loving Yourself, especially during your Awakening and Integration (the coming together as ONE Body Consciousness… Human self, Divine self and all your aspects that have been discarded or hidden in the past) is to keep your vehicle (physical body/mind) in pristine condition.’ This is the last part of a serious of 3 posts on Loving Yourself.




Astrology as a tool to help you move into your own POWERFUL TOTALITY

‘Somewhere within the wholeness of Linda’s reading I received a glimpse into the totality of me and how my life has prepared me to facilitate my weakness’s and strengths in moving effortlessly forward into my grandest dream. I believe now I can walk with my head held high and not worry about being adored either by myself or others… we are each who we are and our beauty/non beauty emanates as our unique vibration of love regardless.’




It’s time to OWN Your Magnificent & All Powerful Self

‘Ask yourself who gains from you playing the role of victim. The answer is all people in power, as they feed off the surplus energy and power others don’t claim for themselves.’




6 Simple Moves to BEING Magnificent YOU

‘As One Body Consciousness; Body, Mind and Spirit we can move with simple ease and grace through life.’


Change is Happening… Are YOU Allowing Yourself to Change too?

‘As a collective we are cleansing ourselves of everything that is not aligned with Love, Joy and Abundance; our natural state of being AND transcend the old mental and physical reality.’


Will the Integration of my Body, Mind & Spirit ever END?

‘The Human ‘Barbara’ continues her Integration… wondering if it will ever end. She catches the MasterCreator within, who observes, laughs and wonders if she will allow herself to be distracted again… OR will she continue to breathe, embrace, trust and know that ALL is well.’




Words of Empowerment… from Steven

‘It is in everyones best interest to remember our spirit within; our eternal light and love that is our natural state of being and all powerful.’


Be the LOVE, PEACE & JOY this Christmas & 2017

‘As we experience each challenge we remember that nothing is permanent, life constantly transforms and we always have a choice to FEEL Love, Peace and Joy in our heart, no matter the circumstances.’


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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